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Monday already :(

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Morning, all. I'm so sad that it's Monday which means girl's weekend is over and I'm back at work. 

We had an amazing weekend! 

On Friday, I picked up @csousa1's sister at the airport and we decorated my house for the birthday girl. @hummingbird125 got there and the 3 of us got all of the food ready to go. @csousa1 and @buddysmom80 arrived a little later and we ate, drank, laughed, and played CAH. 

Saturday, I went to WW (-3.2!!!!!!!) and then home to cook breakfast. We made eggs benedict and it was DELISH! We spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch until it was time to start getting ready for our night out in the city. 

We went to Extra Virgin for dinner and it was phenomenal. Everything on the table was so delicious, I can't wait to go back there again already! After that we went to one bar but it was crowded so we left and went to my go-to bar in that area. @hummingbird's FI and friend and my H and friend met us out and we all had a great time.

Yesterday, I was hurting. Luckily, my friends are amazing and they had breakfast going by the time I crawled out of bed! @hummingbird125 and @buddysmom80 left yesterday and it sucked. @csousa1, her sister, and I watched movies on the couch all day and then watched TWD last night. 

My plan to have everyone snowed in at my house didn't happen, unfortunately. I dropped the girls off at the airport this morning and got to work an hour and a half early. I am tired but it was worth it!


Re: Monday already :(

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    @Swazzle - glad you girls had such a great time!!

    I felt I didn't really have a weekend at all. 
    Friday night - I worked late, so I got home and H was at poker so I took care of the dogs and just chilled a bit and fell asleep pretty early.

    Saturday - I did laundry and some stuff around the house in the morning.  We had to go to H's parent's for SIL's birthday dinner in the late afternoon.  After that we ran to Target and picked up just a few items, we got home and watched a little TV - again I fell asleep early.

    Sunday - Got up and went to the grocery store and Sam's club.  While we were at Sam's club, H's brother called, they were about an hour a way and locked his keys out of his car.  We told him we were at Sam's club, had cold stuff we'd have to drop off so it would be awhile before we'd make it to him - he was with his GF and she had bought a puppy and had to go pick up her daughter so they were trying to rush us.  BIL called his sister and we worked with SIL to rescue BIL.  After that whole ordeal, H and I had tickets to Pippin (BIL & his GF were supposed to go but cancelled - we couldn't find anybody on such short notice to take their tickets, so just H and I went).

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    @Dignity100 - It sounds like you got some good nights' sleep this weekend! 

  • Congrats on the WW loss, @Swazzle!

    Was the show good, @Dignity100?

    I had a good weekend.  Friday I was off at 11:00.  I went to my doctor's appointment.  It was with my PCP.  She's going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks so she wanted to go over my bloodwork/labwork and ultrasounds before she was gone.  So we talked about that.  Not exactly good news, but I feel better because she actually gave me some facts instead of "Uh, we'll do a biopsy and surgery and then we'll see".  I like my surgeon (my PCP researched him and he is like THE BEST in the state, so I'm in good hands) but I'd rather know up front what the labs mean so I can be prepared!

    I ran some errands on Friday.  I picked up my stuff from ThredUp after they got altered and it is all SO CUTE.  I am wearing the jacket and a shirt today.  The jacket was brand new from LOFT (still had a tag, originally $79.50) and I got it for $13 and alterations were only $5.  I am loving ThredUp, except it took them 2 weeks for it to get to me.

    We had dinner at my friends' house and we gorged on Whiskey Cake.  It was fantastic but a little heavy on the bourbon.

    Saturday was busy.  I went to the chalk painting class with my mom and then had lunch with my mom and grandma.  I was really hurting (my throat) so I took something to help with it, laid down for a while, and then went to our business meeting and musicians' practice for the wedding on Satuday.

    Sunday was a beautiful day.  H made breakfast, we went to church, went by Target, ate a faaaaabulous lunch (Pomegranate Habanero Shredded Beef), took a nap, exercised, watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain... it was a really nice day.

    Today I have a fever blister so I'm trying to get rid of that!  I am going with my mom after work to pick up a bookshelf I want in my bedroom (it's at Sam's so we have to use her card) and then by Homegoods to get some baskets for it.  The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow so I need to get things ready for her!
  • Oh, and I picked out some really soft PJs to wear at/home from the hospital!  I went ahead and bought them now, in case they can move my surgery up a week.  They are known for cancellations so there's a good chance.  I just need to wash them and I'll be ready to go.  The darker pair is so crazy soft, I love it!  I got a navy tank to wear with both of them, and I already have another little tee that would be cute with it, too.  I think I have a pink zip-up jacket that I can put on, but I have to find it in the closet.

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    I had the best weekend ever with @swazzle, @buddysmom80, @csousa1 and @csousa1's sister. You heard it all from Swazzle already, so I won't bored you with any more details except that her house is WONDERFUL and I am super jealous of her awesome kitchen. I'm also in love with her little psycho kitten.

    In WR news, I made plans for me and FI to go to our wedding venue in three weeks and meet my mom and our day-of-coordinator there. We're going to take lots of measurements so that I can make a diagram of the whole venue and how I'd like everything to be set up. Hopefully this will help us figure out if anything is missing. I'm really excited to go see the venue again!! I have a makeup trial scheduled for Sunday, and probably a thousand other WR tasks I should accomplish next weekend as well.
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  • Pretty good weekend over all! Saturday H and I went to high tea with another couple. I think it wasn't really the boy's kind of thing, but I was glad they came with us. Then we all moseyed over to a local brewery for drinks and nachos (lemonade for me!). All in all it was a nice day downtown and we couldn't beat the weather!

    Sunday was pretty chill. I took a nap. Watched movies. Nothing really accomplished...but did get a lot of nice relaxation in.

    Today I have to have a serious one on one chat with my employee. I really don't want to have this conversation, but honestly this just isn't working. I feel like he's made up his mind that he's angry at the company and angry at me...and there's really no way for me to re-motivate him or change his mind. At this point I really wish he'd just move on (better for both of us), but the job market isn't so hot right now so I think he's feeling stuck, which is probably making it all worse. We'll see how it goes...

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    @Allusive007 - Good luck with your talk with your employee. I hate those awkward types of talks.

    @Swazle - Congrats on your weight loss!

    My weekend was alight. Pretty unexciting. I've been feeling off the past few days. I'm extremely stressed about finishing my damn thesis. The whole thing is written but my adviser is dragging her feet, I've send her 3-4 e-mails in the past week and haven't gotten a response to any of them. I really just want to be done with this stupid thing. 

    On top of that stress I feel really meh about my new job. I love the financial security it provides but honestly I don't love what I do. But if I ever finish my thesis and go back to teaching I lose that financial security and I don't really want that stress. I guess I just don't know what I want to do but I know that it isn't this and it's making me feel depressed.

    Swazzle[Deleted User]
  • @swazzle Congrats on your WW loss! That's awesome! Sounds like y'all had a great weekend.

    This weekend was nice. Friday we went out to dinner after working out to celebrate hearing our little peach's heartbeat for the first time.

    Saturday morning we went to the park with Maddux and walked for a while since it was nice outside. That night we went over to one of DH's friends house for dinner. We hadn't seen them in almost a year so it was nice catching up.

    Sunday morning DH played frisbee golf so I took Maddux on a walk. Then we went and looked at more homes and one of them we really liked but the dry is crazy long and steep so we are afraid that might cause some battles in the case that there is another snow storm. It was a beautiful home though. Then we had dinner with my parents and watched The Grammys.
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    @swazzle and all G2Gers, glad you had fun!

    @dignity100, did you enjoy Pippin?

    @cocobellaf, yay new pajamas!

    @allusive007, vibes for your talk with your employee.
    Long weekend here. FI went gaming Friday night, and I wrote a dissertation chapter. Some of the worst writing I've ever generated in my life. The last chapter was 98 pages, single-spaced, with the photos shrunk as far as was reasonably practical. This one? 2.5 pages single-spaced. Ew. It was my experimental procedures for one of my two projects, and it wasn't exactly earth-shaking or complex, but still. Ew.

    Saturday FI went gaming again and I knitted and finished his wedding present (link). We agreed only tiny things the day of the wedding - there will be many anniversaries to get big and creative at.

    Yesterday we went shopping on the constant quest for the elusive loveseat. We didn't find one, but we did get two new nightstands at Menards! I've been looking for (reasonably cheap) matching nightstands for a while now, and these are really nice, especially for ready-to-assemble. There was a foyer bench I think I'll pick up at some point, too.

    ETA: And in WR-news, I pretty much have everything ready to print for the invitations, all the rhinestones are here, and I just need glue dots for assembly. I also started putting together the programs - well, typing them up, anyway.
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    @CocoBellaF - Thanks! Cute PJs!

    @hummingbird125 - I MISS YOU. What time is your makeup trial on Sunday? You forgot to take my veil with you :(

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    @Swazzle - The sleeping is my body's reaction to stress - plus it's interrupted sleep between H's snoring, H's bed hogging and the dog's wanting to go out.  My department at work has become pretty bad; leadership cannot get along, nobody trusts anybody, everybody is at each other's throats... I'm not sure how they can fix it at this point.  They're trying to do "team outings" but I don't see that helping much.  Oh Yeah - WTG on the weight loss!!

    @CocoBellaF @KeptInStitches- Pippin was good - I liked the 1st Act much better than the 2nd Act.  The 2nd Act to me felt like it was thrown together. 

    @CocoBellaF - Sorry your doctor's news wasn't more uplifting.  YAY for new jammies!!

    @Hummingbird125 - Glad you had fun over the weekend!!  YAY for WR tasks scheduled.

    @Allusive007 - Hope the chat goes ok with your employee.  Maybe somehow it will light a fire under his ass to do better.

    [Deleted User]Swazzle
  • I can't believe it's Monday again.   My weekend went by way too fast.  Friday night I met my mom for dinner after my eye doctor appointment.  I came home and read and relaxed. 

    Saturday morning I had rehearsal for a bit and then my god daughter's 1st birthday party, it was so much fun being around her and all of my other friend's kids and babies. It was tiring though. Sunday I had a wig fitting for the show and rehearsal.  It was tiring but fun.  Then H & I just stayed home to watch The Walking Dead. 

    Otherwise I'm just in a crappy mood. I'm so exhausted all I want to do is sleep, and I was up later than normal due to stomach aches and nausea.  I just want to go home and crawl back into bed.


  • Well my Monday is off to a rotten start. We just got word that one of my favorite bosses (he retired a couple years ago), just passed away. He had been fighting a rare and aggressive cancer for a little over a year. He was at UVA where they were trying new treatments where they remove, wash and then replace your stem cells. Unfortunately it didn't work. I'm really sad right now. He was such an ornery old man, and I just can't imagine him being gone. 

    This weekend was busy. Friday I came home to water...FINALLY. Then I got to FT @csousa1 and @swazzle for a couple minutes to wish the wonderful Sous a happy birthday. This was likely the highlight of my weekend. 

     Saturday morning I tried going to DMV, but the line was wrapped around the building so I said Fuck It. Then the kids and I, and brother, SIL, and nephew went to DC to meet up with other brother, brother's GF, Dad and SM for birthday lunch for bro #2. Afterwards we took the boys (Bean and Nephew) for their Christmas present - a shopping spree at H&M. Both boys made out like bandits! No-Uh and I headed home and Bean and nephew stayed with bro #1 for a sleepover. 

    Sunday I cleaned the house a bit and then we took Bean for his lesson. He had another great ride, despite his mare being in heat and acting like a butthead. 
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

  • @futuremrshistorian - YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Best news ever!!!

    @beanbot2002 - I am so sorry about your favorite old boss passed away.  That is really sad, all the the hugs and love.
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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @Swazzle and @Hummingbird125 (and @csousa1 and @buddysmom80) Sounds like you all had such a fantastic weekend! I wish I could've been there, especially for the eggs benedict (YUM!)! Also, Swazzle, congrats on your weight loss!

    @CocoBellaF Fingers crossed the hospital doesn't try to reschedule on you.

    @allusive007 I can't believe your H even went to high tea with you. I love that sort of thing but my H would probably resist...although I'm sure the brewery afterwards was a pretty good enticement.

    On Saturday H and I were semi-bums. I finished getting off the last bits of wallpaper backing and H did a little drywall repair work but we didn't do much more than that. That evening we went out with another couple for sushi and then coffee. It was a lot of fun! I had met the guy before but never his FI (except for like 2 minutes at our wedding) so it was really nice to get to know them better. She and I might go to a byob painting thing on Friday night. All of my close girlfriends have moved out of the area so I'm really hoping we start to develop a friendship.

    Sunday I got up early because it was such a freaking gorgeous day and took Cinders on a walk and to the dogpark. On our way home we stopped at the plant nursery and I got a whole bunch of bushes to put in the partial shade areas of our backyard where we won't be planting grass. I got three new hydrangeas, two azaleas, and a forsythia bush! I'm super excited for the bushes to start to grow and fill in. I got two different varieties of hydrangeas that will add more color to the backyard and same with the azaleas. The forsythia is going to hopefully get HUGE and screen out a view of our neighbor's messy backyard too. After I was done planting the bushes I did some raking and other lawn maintenance (but I still have tons to catch up on before spring) and then H and I vegged out for the rest of the evening.

  • @labro - I must admit he was making fun most of the time...sticking his pinky out as he sipped his tea, making small talk about the queen in a brittish accent. Cracked me up! The guys were good sports about it!
  • @TwoDimes, can I please come eat food and THAT CAKE at your wedding?!?!?

    @LaBro, your landscaping sounds lovely!  I want to do something like that in my backyard.  I love hydrangeas, but they don't grow well in the dry OK heat.  My mom has a nice bush, but her yard faces north so they don't burn up.  My house faces west, boo!  I'm also afraid to put them in the backyard because they aren't good for dogs, and I think Baxter would try to take a few nibbles!!
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  • @lmcooper86 Three months! It's going to fly by!
  • @beanbot2002 I'm so sorry to hear about your boss. Sending lots of hugs your way.

    @TwoDimes -I want that FOOD!
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  • @cocobellaf I had never heard of thredup until you mentioned them, and am now hooked.  I spent maybe $60 and got so many shirts for work (most still had tags on them).  I actually have a Jcrew shirt on today that I got from thredup.  

    @swazzle your weekend sounds like so much fun (minus the hangover).  

    allusive007 Ugh good luck with that talk with your employee; it does sound like he wants to leave but is staying until he finds something else.

    bethsmiles Sending big hugs your way.  Hopefully your adviser responds soon so that you can be done with your thesis.

    KeptInStitches That is an adorable gift!

    I had a pretty relaxing weekend.  I started with planning what to do for my bf's birthday. My bf and I have always made a big deal out of each other's birthdays.  Because of this and the fact that his birthday is always around memorial day weekend, I always have to start planning now.  I decided on a weekend trip to Niagra Falls at THIS hotel. Even though it is on the NY side, I am going to have our passports so that we can go to the Canadian side. And probably a few other surprises that don't need as much advance planning.

    Saturday night we hung out with my bf's best friend and his fiancee.  Sunday, I woke up with my bf when he left for work, but instead of going downstairs and starting all my usual weekend errands, I decided I was going to stay in bed and relax.  Even though I was wide awake, I didn't leave my bed until noon.  It was amazing.  Then Callie jumped in my bed and relaxation time was over. 

    Woke up this morning to an ice rink as my driveway.  It took about 20 minutes before I could chip the ice away from my car. The roads were slick, but not too horrible so I made it to work fine.  Unfortunately the sleet/snow/ice is supposed to last all day, night, and into tomorrow, so not sure how the drive home will be. Too bad I don't have my ice skates anymore. 

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  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    I cried all weekend because I wasn't with my best friends. Even though they had plenty of fun without me & didn't miss me at all. Jerks. 

    I'm working from home for the second Monday in a row because of fucking snow. I couldn't even get out of my driveway, and my car is currently stuck about halfway down because I was so pissed, so I just left it there. 

    I can't tell if Violet is happy we're home again, or annoyed because we're taking up her alone time. Brady has a kitten cold and has been sneezing all weekend, the poor monster. He's eating and playing normally though, and he doesn't have any eye/nose boogers, so hopefully he'll get over it soon. 


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  • You guys definitely have more interesting weekends than I do!

    Saturday, I worked. Although we did, after work, go on an ice skating date! Turns out I'm better than he is, but get tired faster. It was fun, but exhausting, so I think I'll go on easier dates in the future!

    Sunday, I worked. Although in the realm of my boring life, it was exciting because the new sales and coupons come out, and I'm like, obsessed with learning how to save money on groceries with coupons. I worked, then grocery shopped. Bought about $55 of groceries for $20. So that was neat. Then me and the BF and the best friend watched feardotcom on our quest to watch every horror movie, particularly the terrible ones, ever. It was okay.

    Guess what I'm doing today? Working! Work, then RCIA, then sleep. I'd love to make awesome plans sometimes and do cool things, but things are expensive and we have to save for a house. Ugh.
  • I am at home again, just like @goldenpenguin, for the 2nd Monday in a row. If they cancel school tomorrow it will be the 3rd Tuesday off in a row. This snow is just fucking bonkers! I did some things this weekend, but you know I definitely shoveled the old snow for the new snow coming in now.

    Friday night I chaperoned the school dance (I'm so cool). The kids were tearin' up the dance floor and it was a great night. I keep my classroom open as a "quiet room" for kids with sensory needs or kids that get all sad from the slow songs- no one ended up using it. SUCCESS. There was only one bad incident where a student thought the dance was a strip club and started spraying his water bottle on the dance floor. Needless to say, he got sent home.

    FI worked both Saturday and Sunday, so I was on my own for the weekend. Saturday I cleaned and went grocery shopping. When FI got home we ate Chinese take-out and fixed up our registry online. Sunday morning was pretty much the same. I slept in until 10am and ate corn pops on the couch for the rest of the day. I already knew there would be no school today, so I didn't really have motivation on my side. 

    I have no clue what to do today or if there will be school tomorrow. I am getting sick of this feeling!

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  • @eilis1228 - The regular LOFT stores never have a good Petite section, but my LOFT outlet has a great selection.  If you're ever in the city you need to go by!!  Oh, and Sweat killed me yesterday!  I had such a hard time and was so sore afterwards!  Good thing tonight is Core, my legs can rest a little. 
  • @Speakeasy14 - I know he wants to find something else. I've spoken with 3 different ex-company employees (all left on their own terms, not laid off) who've said he's really unhappy and has either asked them for references or applied for jobs in their new companies. I'm completely OK with him moving on if that's what he needs to do...but I just wish he wouldn't make this environment so toxic in the mean time. It's not healthy for either of us.
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    @CocoBellaF I think there's an outlet near me, but I haven't been in a while. It's always super crowded, so I avoid it. It may just be an Ann Taylor outlet, not a LOFT one though. I really hate that they're moving so much of their petite stuff to online only though. It makes it much more difficult to shop. :-\ I did Strength Intervals for the first time yesterday, and holy crap! It kicked my butt. Sweat always kicks my butt too-- I'm really intimated by Drench, which I'm supposed to do for the first time later this week. I'm doing Sweat tonight. I really like Core, but I really hate all the side planks. Have you done Hardcore on the Floor? 

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