Venues that allow Outside Catering? Help!

We fell in love with St. Lawrence Hall, AND we fell in love with Urban Acorn catering and everything seemed perfect... until SLH told us they may not be able to host weddings for a couple years because of the reconstruction of St. Lawrence Market's North building, and how that construction might affect the vendors' entrance into the Hall. There's still a possibility they'll be able to do weddings, but they won't know for a couple months. Would love some back-up options.

We're looking for a place that has the elegant factor that St. Lawrence Hall has (I've only dreamed of getting married there forever so you can imagine how heartbreaking and stressful this has been). We're not really into the rustic theme or the gallery theme, warehouses, or anything that's too dark... so venues like Fermenting Cellar, Burroughs, 2nd Floor Events, which I know do outside catering, are kind of out for us.

Am I looking for a needle in a haystack here? We're happy to extend our search from Mississauga out to Markham, but Toronto is preferred. Our wedding is next year, Monday August 29 2016, and we're expecting about 135 guests.

Re: Venues that allow Outside Catering? Help!

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