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Silk Flowers

What your opinion and thoughts on silk flower for the wedding?

Re: Silk Flowers

  • good timing on this post.  I know I want gerbera daisies and my mom just talked to a friend who does mostly interior decorating but has some flower experience and she recommended using silk ones instead because they are so prone to drooping (without the plastic straw thing u normally have on them) and they also leak water out the stems so might get on someone's dress.  some how it doesn't seem "right" to use silk flowers, even though I know people do it.  Now I'm thinking about it.  would love to hear from others who have used it too
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I am not a fan of silk flowers for any event.  Unless you plan on purchasing very nice silk flowers (read: expensive), which will cost more then real flowers, the silk flowers you find at craft stores really aren't that great of quality (also, some flowers come in colors that are just not natural making it even more noticeable that you are using silk).  Also, I find that real flowers are much more forgiving when arranging then silk flowers.  Silk flowers you have to manipulate and bend and twist and such to get a semi-realistic look and even then they can look stiff.

    As far as gerbs go, when they are arranged in bouquets a florist will generally wire the head to the stem to prevent drooping.  This is necessary no matter how gerbs are used because the head is large and heavy while the stem is hollow and just can't support the head that well.  And when it is time to carry the bouquet all you need to do is take it out of the water and blot it on a towel for a minute or two to prevent any water getting on your dress (as you would with pretty much any bouquet that is hand tied).

  • I'm 99% going to do silk flowers for pretty much any floral anything at my wedding.  My reasoning: I'm keeping my bouquet for decoration (& I can't have dried flowers), my entire wedding party has allergies, and many of my guests have allergies.  I probably still have some too, but I haven't been around anything to get them off in a while.  
    It does mean it may be more expensive and possibly more cumbersome to arrange, but I can also work on the bouquets/etc and centerpieces months out.  (Important, since until 5 days before the wedding date, I am 1300mi away from the location.)
    For me, my guests, and my wedding, it makes sense to use silk flowers rather than real ones.

  • allyballyoopallyballyoop member
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    I will be using real flowers, however I just bought this old piece of picket fence and plan to dress it up with some flowers and greenery (theme is enchanted garden). Was thinking of using silk for that so that I can have it done ahead of time.

    Whatever works for you!
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