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My fiancé and I are planning to get our engagement photos taken in the next week or two.  We were hoping for a pretty snowfall, but this winter has been pretty tame "snow wise".  There is no more time to wait on the snow, as we need to get the pictures done for our Save-the-Dates.  I need advice on some areas in Minnesota on where to have our pictures taken.  We are both avid hunters, fishers and basically love to do anything outdoors.  We would love to have our dog in the picture so pet friendly places are great, but not a deal breaker. The cities are not really our 'thing' so something like the Stone Arch Bridge or the Sculpture Garden wont work for us.  I am from north of the cities so I am very unfamiliar with the area.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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    Did you try posting this on your local board?  They should definitely be able to help (this is more of an International board).

    Good luck! 
  • This is an international board; you might have better luck on your local board. @lyndausvi or @beethery can move it for you.

    FYI a good photographer should be able to add a few snow flurries in Photoshop. ;)

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    Moving this post to Minnesota!

    I'm the fuck out.

  • Do you already have your photographer picked out? Maybe ask him/her for some good locations. Every photographer I've ever worked with has had a secret place or two up their sleeve where they love to shoot, and it's always so amazing! 
  • If you're avid outdoor enthusiasts - go to one of the places you go hunting or fishing and are familiar with!  Going to a place like that will also make your pictures mean more to you than some "canned" location that your photographer knows of.  Lutsen/Bluefin Bay are great areas to start as there's a lot of "close by nature" places without hiking for miles..

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