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What's on your Must Play list? Do Not Play list?

Our DJ has asked for a "must play" and "do not play" list of songs for our reception. I put a few on each, but I'm a little stumped on what else to add. Is anyone else putting these together? What's on your lists? 

Re: What's on your Must Play list? Do Not Play list?

  • There's a good recent thread on the "Snarky Brides" board about what's on people's Do Not Play lists, it's worth checking out!

    Most of mine is line dance-y songs (Macarena, Electric Slide, etc.) and some awful country songs (Cotton Eyed Joe, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, etc.) 

    And then for "Must Play" list I've only given my DJ a few suggestions. I don't want him to feel tied to playing certain songs if they don't fit with the mood/flow of the party! He's the professional, so I feel like I should just tell him what genres I like and trust him to know what he's doing. Fingers crossed!

  • Our DJ is doing something similar to this. We either green, yellow or red star songs on his website so that he has an idea of what we like. He's also been in the business for 20+ years and has learned how to keep the crowd entertained and dancing. I'm really looking forward to working with him. 

    I agree with @hsgator about not liking line dance-y songs or the really twangy country songs. I would suggest picking songs from a few different eras so you can hit all generations of guests that may be attendance at your event!
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    We went a different route. For our do not play list, we just left it at nothing with vulgar lyrics or depression. We wanted line dances, but I think that was a "know your crowd" type of thing. When those were played, our dance floor was full and I mean there was no room left out on the floor. I told the DJ I wanted "Rat Pack" style music played during cocktail hour and dinner and then to turn the floor into a dance party & just to take requests & play what he feels is keeping people out on the floor. Seeing as my husband and I were in our early 40's and most of the guests were around our age and older, 80's & 90's music was a huge hit. Lots of air mics & air guitars. You know your reception is rockin when you catch your pastor and your aunt who is in her late 60's and doesn't speak any english playing air guitar together to AC/DC.
  • For do not play list was all the cheesy dances - chicken dance, ymca, electric slide type stuff

    I only put a couple on the "must play list" which were a couple songs that I knew would get people up and dancing, plus one of my fav songs.   

    I had to fill out a pretty extensive packet for the dj about types of music to play, their involvement, etc so I pretty much just left it to them to pick the music based on the types I choose. 
  • I put stuff from Taylor swift mostly. Both of us don't like her. Also line dancing stuff. But otherwise open.

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