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Brides Walk down the aisle too long - processional

I am getting married outside, the only structure near where the ceremony will take place is the boathouse that we will be having the reception at. I will be "hiding out" in there before my big reveal and walk down the aisle. My fiance and I are NOT doing a first look. I just don't want it, I want that special moment when he is standing in front and see's me. My problem is that it is a bit of a long walk from the boathouse to the back of the aisle's. We are talking 60-80 yards. So that special moment when he see's me first gets tainted a little by the distance AND I feel like that is a long walk for people to wait for me to just get to them, not counting the walk down the aisle. Any ideas for how to make the big reveal more spectacular without people waiting for me to walking the length of the football field just to get married. My mom says just walk faster . . . I think I want a better option. Something that reveals closer to the groom and guests but keeps me hidden until I walk down.

Re: Brides Walk down the aisle too long - processional

  • How about some sort of a vehicle to take you from the boathouse to the aisle?
  • Have you considered looking into some pipe and drape?  You could possibly have a "wall" built a few feet back from the end of your aisle.  Then you get driven down to the "wall" and when you are ready to walk down the aisle the curtains can be pulled back.

    Something like the below...on either side of the wall you can do some floral decorations or have a light weight garland draped over the top to dress it up a bit.


  • I have a long walk too.  I'm going to walk halfway down with my bridesmaids, then stop to let them go the rest of the way down.  Then I'll head down.  FI is coming to the back of the guests' chairs to walk with me the rest of the way to the gazebo anyway.  I know he'll be so excited to see me, even from afar! 

  • I don't think it's actually that far or big of a deal.  Nothing will be tainted.  
  • I had a LONG walk.  It felt like it was going to take forever, and I was worried about getting there, and everyone staring at me for that long, and also, my partner seeing me so far away.  I initially felt like it would sort of ruin the moment.  

    Ultimately, it was totally fine. We went to the venue and timed the actual walk, and it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would.  And with everyone standing and waiting for me, my partner couldn't see me at first anyway.  Don't do the stop and pause, stop and pause thing when walking. Just walk. Don't run or anything, but just walk a normal pace.  80 yards will probably only take you a minute or two.  Go time it. It will be fine.

    I know this is a detail that is easy to get stressed over, but try not to. It will be fine.
  • I had a long walk too and it did not change a thing (There was a winding path I walked down prior to the end of the aisle).  If anything, when they brought me to my starting point I got a little overwhelmed and having the extra time to walk with my dad before I got "too close" to everyone else was much needed so I could talk my dad and breathe & relax before I got to the end of chairs.  Once I got the chairs, we paused and that is when they had everyone stand.  H did not see me or the dress prior either and it did not effect his reaction.  He said it actually built up more because he knew I was so close yet so far away still, lol.

  • t/j: The title of this thread illustrates the usefulness of grammar. I keep thinking OP is complaining that brides walk down the aisle too long, as opposed to one bride's walk down the aisle being too long.

    end t/j


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