Flower market?

I am considering doing my own bouquets and some simple arrangements for my wedding in June 2016 (I know I know, far away but I'm a planner) ... reading up on so many ladies sweeping their local flower market in other states to get an array of beautiful, fresh flowers .. is this a thing in CT?! I have never seen or heard of a "flowers market" in CT. Farmers market, yes, with a small selection of flowers but from what these ladies describe it's a plethora to choose from. Anyone know of any spots for fresh flowers? I would like to do a "trial" run this summer to make sure I can handle it all, haha.
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Re: Flower market?

  • I am not sure if we have one in CT, a friend of the family is a florist in Boston and gets wholesale pricing on real and artificial flowers at the Boston flower market, so I am likely going to do at least some of the flowers (smaller arrangements for the venue) ahead of time w artificial flowers.. Good luck w your arrangements!
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    I don't really think they have them here in CT.  But, if you are close enough to NYC, i.e. Stamford area, they have many flower markets especially in the summer.  Just a few things to keep in mind though if doing your own flowers, you need lots of space and either cool or refrigerated space to store them, and think of transportation if you are doing the centerpieces yourself.  Also, if you really want to spend the day before your wedding DIY'ing flowers. 


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