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First Valentine's Day as Husband and Wife!

Anyone have any special plans to celebrate?

Let me live vicariously through you as V-Day has never been a big deal for either of us.

Re: First Valentine's Day as Husband and Wife!

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    It's not a big deal for us either. I got shamed by my mother yesterday because I wasn't even planning to buy a card.....

    As of right now, we don't have any plans. It's just another day for us.

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    No big plans - it's going to be super cold for us this weekend.  I'm somewhat hoping we can just stay home, watch a few movies that we have and catch up on the DVR. 

    We did get each other stuff - but I know what I'm getting and he knows what he got (nothing romantic - he wanted a book and I wanted a board game).  I do want to pick him up a card still.

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    I think we are going to watch Rugby on Saturday. Sooo romantic! Lol

    I bought H an Amazon card. I think we may have takeaway and DVR'd shows. We arent big on valentines either

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    We are just exchanging cards, no gifts. And since restaurants are always crazy on Valentine's Day, we are going to stay in and cook a delicious meal.

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