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Worst DJ Ever!

I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, this was the best spot I could find.  I just had to get the word out there to people... The company is Xceptional The owner was supposed to DJ and have a party motivator as well. The owner did not show up. The man who did, though very nice and he really tried hard, did a terrible job. No one danced, he playe...d a lot of music we didn't want at all, and refused to take requests from the mother of the bride! A party motivator he was not.The owner was also totally unresponsive to my wedding planner. I couldn't find my contract (though thankfully I did find it after the wedding, so I was able to verify that the contract was indeed broken) the owner would not send my wedding planner a copy. My planner informed he ignored many emails and calls from her, and when she was able to get a hold of him, he was unresponsive. He didn't return my calls either, or did so after 9 pm. We didn't actually touch base with him and verify details until a few days before the weddingI didn't get an explanation from the DJ that showed as to why Sergio did not. Nor did he bother emailing me or calling me after to explain the breech of contract. That said breaking contracts is not cool, and the adage, you get what you pay for, once again holds true, spend the extra money and go with a real wedding DJ.On the other hand, my photographer, Fernando Gomes of NFG Photography, He's the greatest!  He and his wife were a pleasure to work with.  Fernando put me at ease, he is very cool and easy to get along with.  he's not cheesy or pushy and obnoxious, like a lot of the other photographers I met with were.  He did a great job at the wedding, we barely even noticed he was there, which is what we wanted.  We did a few posed shots after the ceremony, and he did a great job on those too. 

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