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Bridesmaid gifts

What are some ideas for bridesmaid gifts that you have?

I am getting each girl a bracelt/necklace/earring set for the wedding ( but that doesn't really count as a gift)

I was also going to get a personalized tote and a small makeup bag filled with things they may need on the wedding day. ( also not really a gift)

I want to get something that is for them and not to use at my weddiNg. Im trying to steer clear of picture frames /jewelry boxes since one of my friends did that for her wedding and it would be doubling up for some of the girls.

what ideas do you have for your BMs?

Re: Bridesmaid gifts

  • Try shopping for each of your bridesmaids individually. This is what I'm doing. One of my girls loves camping/picnics/etc so I'm getting here a personalized soft-covered cooler. Another one of my girls loves Victorian-era things and attends balls/dresses up, so I'm getting her a vintage pocket watch necklace.
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  • I just have a Matron of honor. I'm not really sure what all I'm getting her. We will probably have a spa day just for relaxation, I'm paying for her makeup. I know I'll give her a gift card to sonic! She's a big ice tea drinker. I mean she drinks probably 2 route 44 a day.
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  • Im totally stuck on what to get - I want to get them all something good. 

    One of my BM has been in a thousand weddings - she says if she gets one more personalized bag, water bottle or bathrobe that sits in the corner of her room when the day is over she is going to FREAK. 

    I want to get them all something awesome and since the wedding isnt until november I feel like I can start saving up and getting something GOOD. 

    All my girls LOVE michael kors. I was thinking about going to the outlet and maybe getting - jewelry for one... a wallet for another and maybe accessories for the others, (ones that fit their personalities, wants and needs) I don't want to get them all the same thing - 

    When it comes to your MOH do you plan on doing something MORE? 
  • @jrothstein101‌ oh most definitely! I just know that sonic gift card is a must. Since I only have 1 person, I can get multiple gifts for her. I just haven't figured out what yet.
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  • I haven't decided yet, but I'm probably going to get them spa gift certificates. I'll find spas with good reviews and reputations near where they live (they're scattered all over the country) and buy them individual gift certificates they can use when they get home. I thought about buying them different, individualized gifts but if I'm being honest with myself I probably won't have time and won't want to deal with the stress of finding seven very different but equally awesome gifts. I figured, everyone appreciates a gift of relaxation. I'll also make sure it's a decent amount, so they can actually get a full service like a massage or something.
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  • I'm also a bit stuck on this.  My fiance and I are paying for a weekend getaway to NH for our entire wedding party plus SOs which is part of our gift to everyone.  It more an opportunity to celebrate our friends and give them a nice relaxing weekend.  Everyone is friends, some of our bridesmaids/groomsmen are already married (3 guys and 3 girls) I'm going to give them the standard items- earrings, shawls, bracelets.  Just need to think of one last gift.  I already gave them all PJ pants, lip balm and bath scrub just for being my bridesmaids.  I think some of their expectations might be set low because they didn't do much for their weddings... but I do want to give them something nice.  
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