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Nevada-Las Vegas

60 Days!

I am so excited. Only 60 days left until the big day (less until we get to Vegas!). Over the past week I have made some big checks: 

1. Bachelorette and reception dress bought :) 
2. Meet & Greet planned and menu chosen
3. Showgirl (Sin City Ent.) and Elvis (Rev. Roland) done and paid for. 
4. Escort cards are just about done and headed to my friend for calligraphy
5. Hair and makeup finalized
6. Ladies send me info on the bachelorette party! :) 
7. First dress fitting complete (it fits! only bustle and boobies are needed)
8. Applied for marriage license!!!!!!

Next steps: 
1. Music playlist for DJ (this may prove difficult)
2. Family dinner on Wednesday
3. Cabana rental
4. Nightclub reception list to Chateau
5. Welcome bags (these are annoying me!)
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Re: 60 Days!

  • vegasbaby2015vegasbaby2015 member
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    edited February 2015

    I have 30 days from today, (less until we are in Vegas), and I am freaking out! I feel like there is still so much to be done!

    Happy to hear you got some big checks! I'll be working on my wedding to do list this weekend!

  • I'm at 44! We are working on our music for the DJ too... isn't as easy as you'd think it would be!!

    Our welcome bags are mostly done just waiting to be assembled. What are you struggling with there??
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  • im 22 days away from the wedding and have the welcome bags to get done ..they are annoying me as well ..have to get our music together for dinner and the weeding. and we had some drama going on and we have decided to write our own vows with like 2 weeks left. Everyday iv been trying to mark stuff off the list. 
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  • I just have no idea what to put in them! I have a HUGE list of items but know it's going to cost a lot of it do it all..what are the ESSENTIALS?
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  • since iv waited till the last min to get them done i have a water bottle and timeline and our favors we bought (matches and playing cards) and a few  mini bottles of stuff from bath and body works. Thats it for mine and i still have not got the timelines done. 
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  • Did either of you get stuff from the convention center?
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  • Oh and when i get there i want to get some poker chips from PH to add ..i also got a bunch of maps and postcards and stuff sent from the convention center that i added.
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  • I just sent an email to them :) I also am adding poker chips I bought at Party City that we are using for drinks at the meet and greet.
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  • http://www.lasvegas.com/planning-tools/free-visitors-guide/

    here is where i got mine from ..They only sent one of each but since i own a business here in town i used my tax ID number and got more sent 
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  • you might could check a local travel agent and get some that way to 
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  • I emailed the convention center and they are sending me 60 of several types of books and some pins and key chains. [email protected]
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  • hmgiffor said:
    I just have no idea what to put in them! I have a HUGE list of items but know it's going to cost a lot of it do it all..what are the ESSENTIALS?
    I went through the same thing... the cost suddenly got way out of control. We are doing playing cards (FMIL works for a gaming company here so we are grabbing those for free), guides from the convention center, snack sized bags of popcorn from Popcorn Girl here in Vegas, and we snatched up all the bags of dark chocolate covered pretzels from Sam's Club over the holidays and are putting those in small decorative gift bags to add.. and then two bottles of water per bag. I also got a cute template off Etsy that acts as a door hanger and a welcome note. Just remember, most items in a welcome bag will go unused - focus on what most people REALLY want - food!!
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  • @hmgiffor did you end up deciding where you were having your meet n greet? I recall us taking about Carlos N Charlies.
  • We decided to go with STIR at Platinum. Carlos N Charlies wanted a pre-set menu which I didn't want. Even better, at STIR we are getting to use their happy hour menu so the food is super cheap and the most expensive drink is $8 on HH so I am confident we will come in under budget :)

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  • We are doing the same thing!  We found a place that is letting us just reserve a space (they even said "its Saturday mid-afternoon, we're not that busy") and use the happy hour menu for food and drinks!  It was so refreshing to find a place that will just work with you like normal people instead of the minimums... and missing out on the business!
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