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So, how creative is everyone? Show your DIYs for all to see and for encouragement. I'm not doing a whole lot but it could change. Here is one of my DIY. It's a cake stand the other pic is my inspiration pic. I also did table numbers. I'm redoing them. Edit:forgot to add pics
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  • I did all of my magnet save the dates and i am making everything for my invitations.  I have a Silhouette paper cutting machine (another version of a cricut) so that is saving us a TON of money.  It is just costing me alot of labor hours but they're so cute that I dont mind.  We set our stationary budget for 150.00 and that would include save the dates, invitations, invitation inserts, and thank you notes and postage.  I taught myself how to heat emboss for this lol.  Im a machine now!!!

    I am also making my own jewelry (necklace and bracelets) and making bracelets for the grandmas as a memorial of all the grandpas that arent with us anymore.  Hitting the sales at Hobby Lobby allowed me to make 3 grandma bracelets, two bracelets, and a necklace for myself for around 5 dollars.

    Ill attach pictures of everything later. :)

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  • I am probably not doing any DIY. The money I would save would likely be lost in time and poor results. For some reason my friends and family all think of me as a crafter. I do want to think of some creative little thing I can do, but so far everything I think of I think, "I could buy that on Etsy for less money in materials and labor and better results."
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  • The cake stand looks awesome!

    I'm going to do DIY all of my stationary. We're also making some cornhole sets to put out on the lawn for our reception. I am sure I'll do other smaller things, but that's all I have planned for DIY right now. Work has me so busy that I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle much more!
  • I'm a really bad crafter. I get all these ideas that sound great in theory, but when it comes time for the execution I always fail :( As of right now I am probably not going to DIY anything and will just buy things off Etsy. 
  • I love your cake stand! We are using crates to hold our cupcakes and a wood disc for our 2 tier cake. I am pretty crafty (or at least try to be) so my fiance and I are trying to do as much as we can. We are making our own center pieces with Mason jars, burlap, and burlap flowers. We have a wood burner that we are using to put our initials into discs of wood for our centerpieces. I found birch wood tree candle holders in Etsy, so instead of buying them we are making our own out of fallen branches and such. I painted crates to hold our bubbles and programs, made a bunch of burlap signs, used my cricut machine to make burlap signs to be placed in picture frames. We are doing as much diy as we can! We are even making our own wine for the wedding!
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