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All brides who had candy/ dessert bar???

Need some advice ladies!  We are having 210 guests, and I have about 90 pounds of candy and am picking up another 10 today.  Also hitting BJ's to pick up chocolate covered pretzels and may do some mini cookies too........  is this enough?  I have seen postings 1/2 pound per person, others say a pound of candy... etc........  I have about 14 jars of various shapes  and assorted scoops and tongs.......... I have 17 days left.... so any suggestions are welcome please!!!  I don't want to have it look too empty or chaotic........

Re: All brides who had candy/ dessert bar???

  • I did a candy buffet, but didn't go by pounds per person or anything.  We were more concerned with having a nice full looking spread.  So we got all the jars to do that, and just got enough stuff to fill them all.  Pix in my wedding bio.  We had about 270 guests.  The chocolate went first of course, but we had some other stuff left over even.  It was a huge hit!!Hope that helps some!! 
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  • I would make sure that your containers are full. The overflowing table looks better than random jars spread out. Go to walmart and buy like pez or the really big smarties, or other candies they sale in the check out, It's really cheap. Or check out a sams club or costco.
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