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Nevada-Las Vegas

Day of Co-ordinator

We are getting married in July of 2016.  We are going to Vegas in two weeks to scout and make decisions. I know it's a ways off but, I will enjoy engagement more if theses details are settled now. Is a day of co-ordinator a good idea? Any suggestions of ones used? Thanks!
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Re: Day of Co-ordinator

  • If you have some complexity on wedding day, they can be extremely helpful.  For example, if you're doing an in-suite with a bunch of third party vendors, a DOC will save you a LOT of headaches.  If you're booking a restaurant who provides everything but the DJ, then a DOC won't necessarily be very useful.  It all depends on how much is going on and how many different parties are involved.  We found ours to be invaluable, but we had our wedding and reception in a restaurant we rented out, so there were third party vendors for flowers, cake, dj, photo, dress/tux pressing, officiant, the venue themselves to deal with and keep on track, deliveries, bride's party and groom's party in different towers of the resort, so on and so forth.  Could have never done it trying to do it ourselves.

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  • Whenever I read blogs about what brides wish they would have done getting DOC was the top of the list along with not over scheduling events for guests
  • Our day-of person was invaluable and well worth the $$$. 
  • We used one, best decision we ever made. I would highly recommend it. We used culinary pros.
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  • @KikiMira I am using Culinary Pros too! Requested Lisa. I already feel a sense of relief 
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    Oh you have to book Emily Reno!! I've met her, she is constantly emailing me, she has already done so much more than just day of coordination... And her price is so reasonable I totally feel like she should charge more. She is like a best friend who is on top of everything! PM me if you'd like more info!!
  • Who is Emily Reno with? I am trying to decide on if I want a DOC or not. All of my stuff is in one location (Platinum Hotel) but I am bringing some of my own things (chair covers, card box, escort cards, ect.). Any thoughts?
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  • @hmgiffor ;is there not a coordinator at Platinum for you?
  • There is but I just worry about all the little things haha
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  • I believe her website is weddingsandeventsbyemily.com. She is super professional yet very warm, very affordable, and does such a great job. She knows every little detail to do for a wedding. It has been such a stress reliever.
  • We're starting our planning, and not sure if we'll do a day of coordinator or not, depending on how complicated things get. Luckily, we've got some pretty organized Virgos on the team, so we might be able to skip this.
  • YES HAVE A DOC!!! Biggest regret I had!!!! I need a point person and I didn't have it. Like for dumb stuff, no one which this is so dumb had a GD Tissue for me to dry the tears streaming down my face as I stood there saying my vows, or someone to fluff my dress, or just fix me or anything cause my family was usless.  Get a DOC!!!
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