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  • @TwoDimes - You, lady, are beautiful!

    @speakeasy14 - I'm so making those.

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    @Hummingbird125 - I hope your invites look amazing!!  I know that H saw the tuxes and they actually even thought about purchasing them instead of suits; but opted not to because the suits would be more usable in the long run.

    @minskat30 - Even though it's stressful, remember to take time for yourself to walk away and de-stress!!

    @CLoGreenEyes - Keep in mind the job/company is what pushed you away, not the people!  I think most people know that you have to do what is best for you.

    @TwoDimes - YAY for the dresses!!  I know when I went back to buy my dress - my consultant encouraged me to try on more dresses even though I knew my pick (she was not on commission and I had a 90 minute time slot), so I vote - try on a ballgown to make your family happy.  If you know the dress you love and are able to stick up for it regardless of what others say, it won't make any difference in your decision.

    I really liked American Sniper!  

    @Speakeasy14 - The chocolates are free for employees.  They're pretty much all gone besides a few gummies - they put out some popcorn balls and peanuts though that they had left over from the baseball pre-sale ticket event that they had earlier this week.  I work for one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For, we make a lot of the 'top X tech companies to work for' lists as well; so we're not Google or Facebook, but a lot of the mindsets are like that with the 'employees first' attitude.

    @Labro - It's Valentine's day(ish) - the calories don't count (lol don't I wish)!!  I hope your new heater/ac installation goes well!  I have to work on Monday too.

    @southernpeach89 - Hope you guys find the perfect home soon!!

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  • CLoGreenEyes @labro @speakeasy14

    I don't know what it is! Something about crushed tomato. Ironically, I can eat tomato soup? I guess I just have really weird specifications with tomatoes. I love alfredo, though, and I'm good with vodka sauce or a blush sauce, too.

    Also, that recipe looks like something he'd love! I'm between that one and this one, but yours looks a easier. I get frustrated easily during cooking, so I'm all for easy. I'm thinking a mashed potato side, but I'm not getting wild with that one, it'll probably be something out of a box. Maybe a soup, I dunno. He's always so nice to me, so I thought I'd do something nice too. It's not like I've had a Valentine's Day during which I haven't been single for a while, so it's kind of celebratory.
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    @beanbot2002 - OMG I'm dying of cuteness overload.
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  • @dignity100 that is awesome!  
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    @MsSparky - A cold delay is ridiculous. I don't ever remember school being delayed because it's cold outside. What is your BF making for dinner?

    @southernpeach89 - Chocolate chip pancakes sound DIVINE. I hope Baby Peach let's you start feeling better soon! 

    @TwoDimes - OMG You're stunning!!!!! Both of those dresses are gorgeous and look AMAZING on you!!! You seriously can't go wrong. 

    @Ollie08 - I love seat heaters, it's definitely going to be one of my favorite things about my car. Happy 5 monthiversary! I can't believe it's already been that long!

    @speakeasy14 - WANT.

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    @TwoDimes - I really really love the first dress on you with the keyhole back. So freaking pretty!

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  • @Swazzle-it's absolutely absurd. It's no warmer now than it was 4 hours ago! He's (trying to) make pot roast and mashed potatoes. Which sounds delicious, and hard to mess up. I have some food issues, he's been cute, texting me all day today verifying the ingredients. A sick girlfriend on Valentine's would be no fun at all.

    @TwoDimes-I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first dress. Especially the back.
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    Gah. That could have gone better, but at least seminar is done now. Next public speaking/fall flat on my face opportunity: next month, oral comprehensive exams.
  • @twodimes Both of those dresses are STUNNING on you!! I really love the keyhole back. I feel like not a lot of people can pull it off, but wowzas! Amazing on you!
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  • @TwoDimes - I love the first one on you!  You look amazing in both, but the first is def my favorite.

    It's stupid cold here ;(  FI is at work for another half hour or so and then I'm not sure what we're going to do :)  Maybe finally convince him we should go see "American Sniper."  So far I've just been hanging out with Anya and getting some housework done.

    I'm super excited about my two "fake Goverment holidays" (as FI calls them) in less than a week.  One this past Thursday with FI, and another one Monday. 

    Thursday FSD's varsity basketball team won their regional game!  Their school hosted so her and the other soph's had to act as 'hosts' to the other teams that were playing.  A lot of girls we've watched grow up with FSD are on that team so it's awesome to see them go so far.  Their first sectionals game is Tuesday.  FI rearranged his work schedule so we can go.

    We had a stupid # of GCs and rewards points for Bass Pro so FI & I bought matching Under Armor coats and only had to pay like $40 cash.  They're the infrared "storm" fabric so they're super thin but they definitely cut the wind out and are water resistant.  We've lost over 80 lbs together so far, so it was definitely an eye opener to have on something that actually fit and wasn't super bulky.

    WR: Our favorite venue finally responded after a week and essentially told us "you need to talk to the caterer" in regards to all of the venue-specific questions I had asked them, but that they thought our preferred date was taken (which it wasn't a few days before I reached out to them).  So GoldenPenguin and I might not end up being date twins after all (boo).  
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    @swazzle congrats on the new car!

    @TwoDimes those dresses look great on you!

    @WildMagelet I hope you get the date that you want and you and @GoldenPenguin are date twins. I hope that was just a mistake on their end and it is actually available!

    @NEY, I will go through and respond to everyone. Sorry I have been so super busy at work with filling in on a high priority project and working on my own project as well. But I do lurk on my breaks and try to keep up with everything going on with all of you!

    Work has been crazy busy, so I am so glad for the 3 day weekend! I am praying that I do not get any phone calls this weekend that are work related.

    Last night FI and I just caught up on all of the TV shows we missed during the week, ordered pizza, and drank wine. Then he introduced me to Portal, and I watched him play it all the way through. We're nerds, I know. But now I get jokes that some of our engineering friends make at least.

    FI and I don't have any solid plans for today. I think we are going to go shopping for some running gear (we both want to get back into running), and maybe look at watches for him. I might drag him into Sephora after he surprised me with a $100 gift card for Valentine's Day! He got an award at work where he got to pick out a $100 gift card to a store of his choice, and since they didn't have any stores that he liked, he spent it on me instead. I have really wanted a Naked 2 Palette forever but didn't feel like spending $50 on eyeshadow, so I think I know what I am getting. I still have to pick out a few other things though to spend the rest of it. Any suggestions?

    Oh, and we got our engagement pictures back this morning!

    Swazzle[Deleted User]
  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @aurorarose41, plan to AW your photos?
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 New York member
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    @KeptInStitches I am working on it! My computer has been a little weird lately (freezing, shutting itself off, etc.) and I haven't finished uploading them to photobucket so that I can post them here! It looks like it should be done shortly finally so I will do so momentarily!

  • @AuroraRose41 - Me too.  It's definitely my preferred date out of our "top picks."  The "next best" date is my Dad's birthday, so I'd like to avoid it if possible.  I don't think he'd care, but I do feel like I'd want to at least say something to him beforehand.  There are other venues we had been looking at that still might work, this one just seemed best because of their availability and affordability on such short notice.  They aren't "the perfect" venue by any means and so far I've been less than impressed with my interactions with anyone besides of the owner of the catering company at this point - a lot of the disorganization I believe has to do with the fact that this venue has never housed a wedding before (only corporate/educational events) so they weren't prepared for some of the topics that came up.  It'll work out though.  Either they'll work for us or they won't and we'll have to find something else.  Worst case scenario we can rent out a private room at a restaurant. NBD.
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    @WildMagelet glad to hear that you aren't stressing out about it! It's funny you mention the next best date being your father's birthday; that happened with our venue too. They had two dates available, and one was my dad's birthday. FI and I talked to him about it, and while he said he wouldn't mind, he brought up some good points that made us rethink that and choose the other date. He has had some severe health issues lately, and is concerned about possibly not being here by next year, and didn't want our wedding associated directly with him if that happens. I know that was kind of contradictory, but basically he said if he was alive then he wouldn't mind, but he wouldn't want us to be thinking of him so much because it would have been his birthday and be (that much more) sad on our wedding day if he isn't. 

    FI and I also felt that having our anniversary on his birthday would make celebrating both occasions difficult too. So we chose the other date. I have no idea if any of this applies to you, but it is definitely food for thought. Anyways, I hope that it all works out! 

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