Bridal Shower in Madison

I am looking for a place to have a bridal shower in or near Madison. We are hoping for a cheap room rental where we would be able to bring in our own food. Thanks!

Re: Bridal Shower in Madison

  • The building at Warner Park rents out space and I'm pretty sure you can bring in your own food. The rooms have dividers so you can rent out as much space as you need.
    The community center in Monona rents out a few rooms too.
  • Most hotels have a room you can rent for several hours and bring your own food in.  Obviously this isn't the case with hotels like the Concourse but most others you'll find that as an option.  Depending on how many you're having it really may be cheaper to have a site with in-house because it can add up quickly to DIY food.  Check some of the community centers in the area.  I realize you're locked into purchasing food there, but many restaurants will allow you to bring a cake in and lots of times it ends up being less than DIY food, so consider that as an option as well (Pizza Hut, Perkin's, etc.)
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