Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Alternative way to save flowers, dresses and other stuff

This is a suggestion for girls like me - a little time on their hands; and creative energy.
We aren't going on our honeymoon right away- school and the time frame prevents it.
These are my creative (not original, most are my families ideas) ways to keep the memories of your flowers, dress, cake topper and veil... and finally a suggestion so that your girls can ACTUALLY wear their dress again

Rather than taking up a lot of space for that flower arrangement and only having it at home... do something that you can always take with you.
This will require Elmer's glue, something to grind (I use Mortar and pestle) and an oven and maybe flour.
Once you get home- take the petals off the flowers, spread them on a cookie sheet and bake them on a low heat until they dry completely. (you should be able to turn them into powder fairly easy)
crush the petals into a fine powder, be sure to remove anything that won't crush.
Add Elmer's glue to the powder until it reaches a standard cookie dough consistency.
now this dough is a no bake dough... just shape it and you are good to go.
It can be sculpted into flowers, used as beads for a necklace (put the holes in before it dries)... anything you can make out of clay you can make with this.

The Dress:
Have it made into a baptismal gown for your children- I look at my Mom's dress and its amazing- but its not in style. my dress won't be when I have kids and they get married probably.

The veil:
Remember that old saying "Something old something new something borrowed something blue"? Well... in realizing how much a darn veil was; I let a few people overhear my disgust- Luckily for me one girl had my fair skin tone and had gotten the same color of off white. she is letting me borrow her veil- so hold onto your veil. Your little girl may never want to wear your dress (unless timing is right and it is back in style) but a veil is a veil is a veil. as long as its the same color as a dress- it can be the something old and something borrowed

The cake topper:
SAVE IT... put it in a little container, and then on big anniversaries, add a little decoration to it... a silver 25, a gold 50.
I just received my Grandparent's topper that had the 50 added to it. and it meant the world to me.

The Bridesmaid dresses:
If they are longer, let the girls know they could always have it shortened and turned into a cocktail dress.

I hope this helps at least one person. if not- that's okay... I'm sure it will give someone a laugh

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