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My fiancé and I want to have pie at our rustic themed wedding. We are not cake fans so we wanted pie and pie fit the theme. My parents and in laws want cake. I said we could do both. Cake cut and served is part of our reception package. Our plan as of now is do have the cake served and then mini pies on display to be eaten throughout the evening as dessert and snacks. I'm thinking that's too much. I don't know. I need help.

Dessert at Reception 45 votes

Cake and Pie
80% 36 votes
Pie Only
17% 8 votes
Other Idea?
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Re: Dessert at Reception

  • The only other person I've heard of who loooooves cake as much as I do is Addie.  Love of cake withstanding, I see no reason your peeps wouldn't also love a pie only wedding.  It is a gracious gesture and you don't have to have cake (did that just come of ME?) just because most weddings do.  I can see mini pies being costly so I would just go with pie.  OR you could probably do cupcakes cheaper than mini pies and you could do those for favors?
  • Will the venue substitute cutting serving pie instead of cake? Or can they offer a choice to guests before serving them? I personally am not a pie fan so I voted both but if they are serving everyone cake how many will really also get up and get pie? Guessing not a lot. Or someone might have preferred pie but ate the cake because they didn't know there was another option.
  • Mini-pies are labor intensive because you're rolling out crusts for say 100 pies instead of 12-14 larger pies.  Crust can be a finicky thing to deal with.

    My vote is both (though I'd go with larger pies you cut).  If you had to do one only, I would do cake (and I say this as someone who for many years would have birthday pie instead of birthday cake). 

    Cake in general is a crowd pleaser as long as you buy quality (there's a lot of lousy cake out there).  Sure, you have people who wouldn't pick it if given other options - you'll always have that with anything you pick.  And if you go with standard flavors (white, chocolate, and marble), it's pretty easy to please the crowd.  Meanwhile, there are so many variations on pie - fruit based, chocolate, cream based, custard, nut based, etc.  My SO wouldn't touch a fruit, cream, custard, or nut based pie if his life depended on it.  My mother likes fruit and cream based pies, but not chocolate or nut.  One uncle will only eat pecan pie.  I feel like there are just so many different variations and levels of finickiness about pies that you'll have an easier time just going with cake.
  • We had pie and it seemed to be a hit.  We had a summer wedding, so we had two types of fruit pies and two types of cream pies.  Total for all of the pies for about 150 guests was about $160!  Not only did people like them,  but they were super affordable!  All I can say, though, is that you won't please everyone! 
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    No reason you can't have pie. But if you can afford both, have both.
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    If you can afford both have both. 

    People tend to like desserts. and the Pie/Cake rivalry is real. I agree that mini pies, while amazing, are more labor intensive then regular pies.

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    Do you have Table Talk pies where you live? They are made near me in MA so every grocery store has them. They are individual sized and only $1 each so it would be super cheap and easy to get like $100 of those in various flavors. I'm a pie person, so I'd prefer that to cake.



  • i love cake and i love pie but i am more of a cream pie person but a nice fruit pie once in a while is always good i would go with both give your guest something to choose or have both you could even do mini deserts like cupcakes brownies cake pops cookies 
  • For our reception we had wedding cake (2 different flavors for the different layers) and a "grooms cake". His choice was blueberry pie but the chef and I convinced him to have blueberry cobbler as it could be made in a large pan. It was serve yourself. You can have whatever you want.
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    Who is paying?  If your parents are paying, they should get a say in the dessert. 

    I like cake and pie.

  • Do both! I feel the same way.  We don't love cake... at all. But it comes with  the venue.  We are going to do a spiced cake with apple pie filling and some kind of frosting to go with it.  But our venue is allowing us to bring in outside food from our favorite farm so we are going to have cider donuts and pie (hopefully) Lots of people love dessert so this will satisfy everyone.  
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