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Newlyweds...So how nervous were you?

I'm ready to run down that aisle towards my FI I am sooooo excited, but I have to ask, the day of, how many of you had butterflies. I'm normally very calm, but I tend to get nervous in front of large groups of people. I have no doubts about getting married...but I am nervous to be the center of attention. Knowing me, i'll bust out laughing or trip and fall or something. HA!

Re: Newlyweds...So how nervous were you?

  • I definitely had butterflies the day of. You'll have trouble sleeping the night before so pop a couple of gravols in (I took 2, waited an hour, when they didn't kick in, I took 2 more, I slept like a log!).
    I surrounded myself with my close friends and we drank memosas (champagne and orange juice, very low alcohol). I was teetering between being very relaxed and shaking. I was very emotional too. But the moment I saw him at the altar, it all melted away and the rest of the day was just like a dream. It was perfect!
  • I thought all along I'd be so nervous, but as I was standing there, about to walk down the aisle, i could see DH but he couldn't see me and the only thing I could think about was running up that aisle and into his arms!!!!  I was trying so hard to hold myself back from the excitement of seeing him that I didn't even think once about being nervous!  

    It helped also that my dad and MOH were over there trying to distract me and make me laugh.....
  • I think I got all of my nerves and most of the tears out at the RD the night before. I thought I was going to be nervous, esp from the lack of sleep. (We live out of state and were doing nothing but running finishing up last minute things for the wedding a few days before the wedding and therefore were running on lack of sleep. Plus, I think I might have slept 2 hours the night before the wedding.)

    But, once I started walking down that aisle, is all I could see was my now H face beam in the sunlight peeking through the church windows. And that was all it took. I couldn't wait to reach the end of the aisle and see him.
  • I was not nervous at all until the day of the wedding.  I slept perfectly the night before.

    While I was getting ready though, I was a nervous wreck.  I felt like I was going to pass out at times.  Make sure to eat throughout the day.  It will help calm your stomach.
  • I was not nervous at all until we started driving to the church that is when all the butterflies hit me.  Even while i got my hair and make-up done it didn't feel real yet.  But when we turned into the church and I knew it was time to put on my dress that was when it really felt like it was happening...
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  • I wasn't nervous at all. It was such a gorgeous day, and I was just excited to marry DH!
  • I wasn't nervous at all until I was standing at the front of the aisle with him.  Then I was shaking!  Everybody I told that to said they didnt notice but I don't know how they couldn't!  I don't know why, I wasn't scared to marry him, I guess it could have been excitement.
  • I was waaay more stressed than nervous. The night before I had a couple tylenol PMs and a glass of wine, which knocked me right out. My BM took me to breakfast, then we had mani's and pedi's. I got my hair and make up done, and it was awesome. She really made sure I was calm and unstressed, and it totally worked.

    Until 5 minutes before the wedding. Then the butterflies kicked in. But the second they opened the doors and I saw DH, I was calm. It was perfect. No nervousness, just excitement.

    You'll be fin!

  • I was stressed out, and at wits end, but when I walked down the aisle, I stared into my h2b's eyes.  I saw confidence, and trust, and a lot of drool lol :)  He smiled, and then I grinned and couldn't stop grinning :) 

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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  • I was so nervous that I threw up 4 times! The first three times were the night before/early morning of, while it was hair and makeup time.  The last one was minutes after my dad arrived to see me in my dress and take me to the church in our specialty car- I was already in my dress and holding my veil back! It was definitely a bummer to have worked my nerves up so much that I couldn't enjoy the morning of very much, but once I stood at the end of the aisle and saw my husband, I felt fine!
  • If you are really worried about being too nervous, you could ask your doctor for a beta blocker just for that one day.  It is usually prescribed for high blood pressure, but it also stops you from having any physical symptoms of anxiety (shaking, blushing, voice cracking, sweating, nausea, etc.).  You will still feel nervous, but your body won't react to it.  My wedding is still over a year away, but I definitely plan on asking my doctor for a single beta blocker to use on that day.  I turn EXTREMELY red when I am nervous, and I don't want to look like a tomato in my wedding photos.  (google "beta blocker" and "stage fright" for more info)
  • I stalked the house like a caged animal the day before, but that was more because I needed to feel busy, but had organized so well that there was nothing left to do :P.
    On the day of I was to busy to get nervous! Both ceremony and reception were outdoors, so we couldn't set up any decorations or tables the night before. The worst part of the day for me was the hour before the ceremony. I sat in my Mom's living room with my girls, watching guests arrive and trying my best to breathe (We had done some pictures that involved running, and it took me half an hour to catch my breath thanks to my corset). My trouble breathing made me feel a bit sick, but otherwise I was pretty calm. My sister and I sang Mamma Mia very loud, and all of us girls hooted and hollered as we watched the guys start walking up to the front. That completely released any tension I felt. From that point on I was just fine; I enjoyed every second of the entire evening. I only wish it didn't fly by so fast!
  • No nerves until the bridal party started walking down the aisle.  I think it was still more excitement than nerves though.  It felt so surreal like I was in a movie when I turned the corner and saw DH standing there. I think that image is permanently engraved into my memory, or at least I hope it is! 
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