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Long-Distance Sucks

I am not a military bride, however, I live in Canada and my fiance lives in Germany - so I knew it anyone could empathize it's you girls.  I just needed to share with some ladies that long distance really sucks.  My heart is really breaking and I feel so depressed.  The last date I saw FH was on January 4 and I will see him again March 5 for two weeks.
Can I just get a hug?


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    It really sucks. My Fi is in the Navy and we have been long distance for over two years. For the first part, he was training in Rhode Island, and I was in California. We are now on the same coast and in the same time zone, but a 22 hr drive apart. We get married in August and will spend our first year of marriage apart while I finish grad school. 

    How long have yall been doing the distance thing? It gets better with some time, believe it or not. Keeping busy also helps the days fly by too. What are some things you guys do to make the distance suck less? 
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    HUGGS! I feel the same way. My FH is currently deployed, so I haven't seen him since July. Before that we have been long distance since 2012. He is in the Army. I'm so grateful that we will soon be together as husband and wife, but yes I'm depressed too. This entire journey has been so difficult and lonely. 
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    Hang in there, ladies!  We can do this.
    My heart goes out to both of you.
    Honestly, we have only been doing the long distance thing since September because I met him at his farewell party.  Thankfully, we will only have to live apart for two months after we are married.
    I find some days are no problem and other days are like hell.
    We Skype a lot, and got this great app called "Couple" (it's free) and you can thumb kiss and draw together, or draw pics to send to the person and such.  And we sent each other a Valentines Gift.  And we message a lot on WhatsApp.
    How about you?  What do you do to make things easier?
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    My Fiance and I has been doing a long distance for almost 6 years now. We are getting married in June. But everything we been through it has only made us stronger!
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    Non military fiance here as well but doing the distance thing. We did long distance 3 months out of the year for the first 4 and the last two we have done it for 7 months out of the year. I just noticed this "Long-Distance Sucks" post and had to pop over, not meaning to intrude on the military board. I lived across the street from an air force couple for two years and I will say the support was amazing! Although I am not going through the exact same thing they took me in as an "air force wife" when all of the men were deployed at the same time my FI was gone! Another app you might want to try as well is Viber, you can talk just like you are on the phone, we used that a lot when I was working in Asia and Europe. I try to keep myself busy with house stuff, usually it's decorated or rearranged by the time he gets home. We are gearing up for another long haul, he will be leaving in a month and a half for another 7 months and will be back two months before the wedding. It's hard but he's doing it for our future and I understand that.

    Long winded post to say, THANK YOU to all of you military spouses, you are an amazing group of people and thank you for your sacrifice and service. 

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    Thanks for the love!!
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