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DIY Water Station

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Hi Brides! I'm assembling my own infused water and beverage station and found an amazing deal on dispensers that I thought I would pass along! Under $30 for a nice glass dispenser that served three different beverages!!

If anybody has shopped for them, you know they are pricey! Hope this can help you as much as it's going to help me.

Re: DIY Water Station

  • Look, from one budget bride to another, nix the little extras like this that aren't actually important for your wedding to be a success. I know $30 (actually $40+ if you include shipping + tax) seems like nothing in the grand scheme of wedding expenses, but it's stuff like this that will add up. Let your bartender serve plain, old-fashioned water and none of your guests will miss having fancier options. The less you have to do on the day of the wedding, the more relaxed you'll be. If you truly can't find the room in your budget to pay all of the bartender's expenses and will rely on your guests for tips, don't give them any reason to wonder why you wasted money on unnecessary stuff like an infused water station or a coffee truck when you can't even afford the basics. 
  • levioosa said:
    It was the final hour.  I looked around, trembling in horror.  My guests stared at me, their wide, blank eyes questioning, hateful, fearful.  Where was my error?  I looked around at my gorgeous wedding, at the lace and burlap, the tip jar by the bartender, the beautifully assembled water station I had agonized for hours over.  What did they want?  What could they possibly want?

    My Grandmother walked up to me, her ancient hand shaking as she offered up a piece of cake like a sacrifice to the gods.  She looked parched and exhausted....the coffee!  Why didn't I get the coffee?  I was consumed by the complexity of a machine that required the push of a single dastardly start button.  But how could they blame me?  Don't they know how stressful it is to pour water into a carafe, insert the coffee grounds and filter, and then press the button?  It needed to have power! A hand to start it!  How dare they judge me?!  My wedding was forever ruined, the blood, sweat, and tears of planning overtaken by this single overlooked detail.  Ruined! 
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  • really ditch the water station. i only drink water but i dont like infused waters the ones in the store are infused with artificial sweeteners and don't do artificial sweeteners. plain water and maybe the bar tender can add a lemon if they wanted it. 

    you could spend the $$ you are spending on this to purchase your coffee urn to serve coffee to your guest 

    and no guest should open a wallet at the wedding for anything. 

    your wedding is to thank your guest for coming and taking time to come celebrate with them. 

    not expect them to tip coffee bartender guy 

    if i was a guest at your wedding  i would not tip and dont expect everyone to tip so what will your BT or coffee guy do refuse to serve your guests.

    your so worried about coffee but refuse to take anyones advice, 

    and you said you had a taco lady coming for two hours how will the ligistics work in terms of serving people and will you have enough tacos food for your guests?  will the tacos be premade in advance or will your guest be spending time adding there own toppings
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    All I got out of both of these threads is coffee, tacos, infused water, and death. 


  • All I got out of both of these threads is coffee, tacos, infused water, and death. 


    Hellz yeah.
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