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Tuesday Chatter!

SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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It's snowing again. I'd say that there's about 4 inches at my house and a little less than that where I work. H called me when he was on his way to work to tell me not to drive because none of the roads had been plowed and the highways were in bad shape. I took the train in which was nice because I got to read for a bit! 

I was off yesterday so I'll do a quick weekend recap. On Friday, H and I went out for sushi and it was delicious. I love our little weekly date night so much and the sushi place up the street from our house is some of the best I've ever had. On Saturday, I went to WW (I was +1 this week but I'm not beating myself up over it. I have my period and I'm still at -1 per week since I joined) and then got a massage. It was heavenly. I signed up for a monthly membership because it's in the same shopping center as my meetings so it'll be a nice treat! We had some friends over that night for the Devils game. They lost, of course. Sunday, I got up and dealt with snow and then drove to meet @hummingbird at her makeup trial. Homegirl is gorgeous and her makeup was incredible! I'm so excited for her! We had breakfast and then when I got home, H and I decided to have a lazy night.Yesterday, I made my way from my bed to the couch. I caught up on all of my shows and it was glorious! H and I finished season 6 of SOA last night and holy fucking shit. I just can't. 

There's a Devils game tonight but it's a later one and with the weather, I already don't feel like going. I need to go food shopping for the week and I want to snuggle with the kitten babies and puppy girl so there's a good chance I'll be sending H on his way alone. 

Ok, I'm done blabbering now. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Re: Tuesday Chatter!

  • Happy Tuesday!

    I haven't been on here much since Friday morning.  We had the wedding rehearsal Friday night and it went pretty well.  We ended up having musicians' practice from 3:00 to 5:30, and then the rehearsal from 6:00-7:30.  We ended up going to the rehearsal dinner and H went to race go carts with the guys afterwards.  I watched a couple episodes of Love, Lust, or Run and went to bed.  I didn't even know when he came home and got in bed!

    Saturday morning we slept in a tiny bit, and when I woke up, H wasn't in bed!  I texted him to see if he ever made it home... he did, but was in the bathroom.  We grabbed a Valentine's Day Guatemalan brunch and then got ready for the wedding.  It went really well (music-wise) and it was a very pretty wedding.  We ate snacks and cake at the reception and ended up being too full for dinner, so we'll eat those filet mignons this weekend instead.

    Yesterday I was stuck at home all day, so I cleaned the house, did 50,000 loads of laundry, and cooked.  I made a chicken sausage/white bean/spinach soup for lunch, pork chile colorado for dinner, and some yummy banana bread.  We both went to bed early last night so I don't feel too bad this morning.

    We got quite a bit of ice and sleet Sunday night, so I didn't leave the house at all yesterday! 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    @Swazzle - good attitude about your WW meeting!!  And YAY for the massages!!  I'm so over this winter, usually they don't get to me like this one has.

    Nothing new here.  Yesterday I worked.  I got home from work, did a few chores around the house, made dinner (just a hodge podge of stuff).  H and I are trying to get caught up on some TV.  That's really it.

    Tonight I hope to get a few more chores done (just general cleaning) and maybe start sorting through some wedding pictures or finish some class lectures (I signed up for a non-credit class through an online school).

  • We had an ice storm last night so everything is covered in ice this morning but it should all melt as the day goes on thankfully. I'm working from home and DH doesn't have to go into school today since schools are closed. Last night we had a few branches fall off our tree in our backyard and one of them broke our fence : ( It's not too bad.

    Tonight I might go workout if the roads are in better condition for driving.
  • @Swazzle - A massage sounds heavenly.  Good for you!

    @Southernpeach89 - I'm sorry about the fence.  :(  Will this mean Maddux can't play for fear of escape?

    @Dignity100 - What class did you sign up for?

    @CocoBellaF- Pork chile colorado - What is that?  Never heard of the recipe but it sounds yummy.

    Morning, ladies.  A few things are stressing me out today at work so I'm hoping today doesn't turn into a disaster.  This whole week is going to be really really stressful.  Last night I got home late, H had the day off so he made me supper, which was really sweet.  I ate, watched a little TV and just crashed...then had nightmares all night.  I used to get night terrors as a kid (where I'd wake up drenched and usually on the floor)...I've started to get really bad dreams (death, crashes, cheating, fighting, etc.) now again for some reason where I wake up drenched but at least I haven't ended up on the floor yet.  I just need a break I think. Maybe this weekend I'll treat myself to a massage.  I got one for H for Valentine's Day so maybe I'll join him the day he goes.

  • @minskat30 - It is basically "red chile pork".  You soak dried peppers (I have to get them at the mercado), add some chicken broth, onion, and spices, and slow cook cubed pork butt in it for a few hours.

    I also get night terrors and sweats.  Not fun at all!  I think you should definitely go for the massage.  I want to sneak one in before my surgery!
  • @minskat30 -Oh no he can still go out there, it was only a couple boards that fell off so there is no way he can fit through there lol. The only thing that might happen is that the neighbor's dog will probably stick their nose through there and Maddux will want to be outside all day to play with him.
    minskat30labro[Deleted User]
  • Good morning everyone!  I'm over this winter weather. The roads were all ice and slush this morning, so it was a fun drive to work.  Still no word on my car.  I guess this shop is really busy, but they said they are putting it on the lift today.  Yesterday they said it may just be that I need new bolts and lug nuts, I will be so happy if there is no damage and that is all that needs to be done. 

    Tuesdays I always have dinner with my sister and we watch PLL.  Last week no one was paying attention, so I have to go early to re-watch the episode from last week. 

    @swazzle that's a good attitude about your WW meeting, and the massages will make the whole process better.

    CocoBellaF that is awesome that you were able to bring your meals home.

    Dignity100 What kind of online class? 

    southernpeach89 At least the branches fell on the fence and nothing else.  Is it an easy fix?

  • @speakeasy14 -Yes I think it should be an easy fix I hope. I've never fixed a fence before but it doesn't look too bad I guess lol.
  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    Good morning all!

    I had a holiday weekend so I haven't been around since Friday. Friday I left work early and FI and I went to pick up our new car...YAY! It's so cute and fun to drive. I didn't get any pictures, because it's been wet and sloppy up here and the car was dirty about 15 seconds after we left the dealership lol.

    Saturday I had the morning to myself while FI and his dad went to the auto show. I got to sleep in and clean up around my apartment a bit, and had snuggles with my kitty. Then FI and I ran a couple errands and went over to his sister's place so I could meet my new nephew...who is too cute for words and I want to snuggle him forever! FI and I had a late dinner reservation so we hung out and watched a movie and then went for a delicious Valentine's dinner.

    Sunday we only had to go to the morning church service. FI goes with his dad early for band stuff and luckily he texted me to bring a sweater because the church was absolutely freezing. It was -28 or something on Sunday and felt like -43 with the wind. Just walking across the parking lot was awful! Sunday afternoon we were finally able to go and see the house again to take some measurements and stuff. Neither of our moms had seen the place yet and they both LOVED it, and we were able to get measurements for flooring and make sure our paint choices will look good. We went and visited with my parents for a bit, and then ended up going to the movies since we didn't have to go back to church.

    Yesterday was a holiday here, so I got to sleep in again and FI and I had a lazy morning. He has hockey on Saturdays and we have church on Sundays so we rarely get a morning to just be lazy and snuggle and it was lovely. We spent the afternoon at his parents' place, got to use their hot tub and I got more nephew snuggles; FI's older nephew doesn't really like anyone, so the new baby and I had a serious discussion about how he better love me!



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  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    Hi, ladies! I had yesterday off, so today's my "Monday."

    Friday night, I was supposed to go to family dinner for my sister-in-law's birthday, but I ended up having to work late, so I just went home afterwards. Saturday, I went into work for a few hours, and then came home for nice Valentine's Day dinner at home with J. My gift for him hasn't arrived yet (thanks to the weather), but his gift for me did. I LOVE my new bathrobe!

    Sunday, we rested most of the day. We tried to get to the laundromat, but the weather was just too awful.

    Yesterday, we went to his brother and sister-in-law's house to hang out. I got most of my grading done and chatted with his sister-in-law about work and life stuff while the boys played video games.

    I am super exhausted because the MBTA isn't running full service right now, so in order to get to work by 8:00am to teach, I had to get up at 6:00am. I rented a one-way Zipcar, but I have no idea how I'm going to get home, or whether or not service will be back tomorrow morning. They're not running shuttles in our area, so basically, we have to walk at least a mile to get to the nearest shuttle.

    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • Good morning! Quick weekend recap:

    I was finally able to get BF's birthday present for him on Friday. Then we went out to dinner. We had a reservation, but they were 30 minutes behind. We were supposed to go out with some friends after we ate, but we were at the restaurant for more than three hours, so we just went home and crashed.

    I was absolutely miserable all day Saturday thanks to aunt flo. I laid around all day having terrible cramps and a migraine. BF surprised me with a pair of lamps from Target that I had been fawning over. And I was able to start a new cross stitch and get almost fully caught up on OUAT, so it wasn't a total loss of a day.

    Sunday was pretty tame. We went out for lunch and then went out for a friends birthday since we all had Monday off.

    Yesterday we slept till almost noon (!!!) and then grabbed some brunch and ran errands. I bought a bunch of new gym clothes and a pair of running shoes, since we are trying to get back in shape.

    All in all, it was a good weekend, but I think I slept too much because I am completely out of it today!

  • Morning everyone!

    I am here at my professional development session. I hate looking out the window because the snow is building up on my car. A good 3 inches so far....they are saying it will be 5 inches by the afternoon. WTF. I just want to go home!

    @phira I share your frustration with commuting and the snow! I've been thinking of you!

  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    @500days OH MY GOD is it already snowing again? I've been inside for the past couple of hours.
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • @phira Hoping you only get rain, since it looks like southern MA and RI will get most of the snow. I fucking hate shoveling even if it is only a few inches!

  • @goldenpenguin we had a PLL thread a while ago, but haven't really talked about it since we failed at book club.  I keep reading articles and they say that it is going to be someone that no one suspects.  I started rewatching old seasons on Netflix to look for clues, and I have no idea who could be A anymore.  
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    P&R because work is crazy...

    I'm still oogling my new purse FI got me. I'm a purse fiend, and it's been a few years since I last got a really nice purse. Ahhh it's so pretty. It's a pinky coral color and kiiiiind of reminds me of the Birkin bag Rory got from Logan on Gilmore Girls. 

    FI's grandfather is back in the hospital, this time with a blood clot. We may go visit him tonight depending on what FI's mom says. If not tonight, we'll go tomorrow. FI's grandfather has pretty advanced melanoma, so it's just a matter of time at this point. 

    Last night my mom emailed me saying that she and one of my "aunts" (one of my mom's friends from childhood who is basically family) are already planning my bridal shower and they want me to get together a list of people to invite so they can figure out if the venue they want to book will work. Say what? It's so early to be thinking about this... *groan* I mean, I really appreciate their generosity and excitement, but now I have to work on the wedding guest list, which seems like a daunting, Herculean task at this point. I have ample time though. My mom said they're going to plan it sometime between July and September... so they're really on the ball here.

    Hope you all have a great Tuesday/"Monday"!

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  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    @500days I think it's snow. My friend who works in East Cambridge tweeted that it was snowing. I hope we get some rain, though. When on earth is this snow going to melt?
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • Typical Tuesday: I just found out from a close friend that her bridal shower will be on the same day as mine. I am sad :(  We do share a few guests, but not a majority. What would NEY do? I hate putting people in a sticky situation where they have to choose between friends.

  • I'm sitting at work while every jurisdiction around me (including the federal gov't) are closed. We are the only effing ones open, because our county exec is a giant twatwaffle. VDOT asked that people stay off the roads except in cases of emergency, but here we are. And the roads sucked ass coming in. Me and my supervisor are the only ones from our team (of 10) here. Everyone else called out. Since I live the closest, if we're open I'm expected to show up.
    I'm irritable and wish I was home watching No-Uh experience his first snow :( I feel like every person that calls the office is 10,000 times more annoying than usual. 

    Anyhow...weekend recap!
    Friday night, I got a whole lot of nothing done around the house. No-Uh was super fussy. I honestly don't remember what I did.

    Saturday, Bean and I got up and headed to the barn (with No-Uh), and stopped for heart shaped donuts from Dunkies, on the way. He had an AMAZING lesson (I wish I could post the video), and executed his first in-and-out with Desi, beautifully! The looked beautiful. @goldenpenguin can confirm since she got the video right away. On the way home, she and Bean had a hilarious text conversation with Bean throwing sass around like nobodies business.

    Saturday night, FI got home from work around 11ish, woke me from a dead sleep, and led me into the kitchen where he had flowers, wine, chocolate, and a steak dinner waiting for me. We talked about the kids and then about wedding music. Well, I talked about wedding music. FI made faces. 

    Sunday I got up at the butt crack of dawn to get ready, and then drove (really I just let the insane wind push my car up the highway) to meet up with @peekaboo for brunch in the city! Bean stayed at her place and played video games with her BF (and confirmed that he had a blast and really liked her BF) while we took the baby into a very windy DC. We had delicious food and MIMOSAS! Then went back to her place to hang out for a bit. 

    Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen and then tackled the pantry. I wish I had gotten a before picture. You couldn't find ANYTHING. It was such a damn mess. I had to throw out so much food that I wanted to cry. I got a box together of stuff we're not going to eat, but that hasn't expired, and I'm going to take that to the food pantry at church. Now it's pretty bare, but in a good way. We have just the foods we'll eat, and it's organized beautifully! I also did about a thousand loads of laundry. After all of that, I started our wedding website, but No-Uh got very upset that I wouldn't let him type, so I had to abandon that project.

    All in all, an awesome and productive weekend.

    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    I can, in fact, confirm that Bean is a sassypants of the best variety, and I love him to pieces. He was so awesome on Desi - I might have teared up a little bit because I'm such a proud horsey Aunt ;)


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    beanbot2002[Deleted User]
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    Today is shaping up to be a busy day at work!!

    @Southernpeach89 - hope you get your fence fixed soon; Glad it's not too bad an d Maddux can still play!

    @Minskat30 - Try to find some time to de-stress during the week!  I had really horrible dreams last night too.

    @KeptInStitches - The loveseat looks REALLY comfy!

    @eilis1228 - I so miss Gilmore Girls - it was a great show!!  Glad your super happy with your purse!  Sorry to hear about your FI's grandfather.

    @GoldenPenguin - We watched Walking Dead and are 2 episodes behind on Parks and Rec.  We're like 5 or 6 episodes behind on Sleepy Hollow.  I have no idea what else is on the DVR besides it being over half full!

    @Minskat30 & @Speakeasy14 - It's an Intro to Programming in Python class.  I was haven't had a 'real' language class that's been helpful ever, so I thought it would be a cool class to take.

    @everybody else - Work is calling - I promise I read what you all wrote.

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @dignity100, it's reclining and gliding. It's freaking awesome.

    @everyone, work calls and I'll be around later for better replies.
  • You guys always have something exciting going on! #jelly

    Anyway, Happy Mardi Gras! I have to wade through yet more snow to get to work today. Also I'm Catholic so true to the name of the day (Fat Tuesday) I'll be plowing through all the meat in the house and maybe clearing out the rum a little bit before Lent starts. I swear, we have like two HUGE boxes of taquitos that are going to just have to chill for a while. Later I've got my best friend coming over for a scriptwriting session tonight (we work on a webseries).

    Eh. Hopefully the store will be dead today due to the snow, provide a little downtime. It makes for a slower day, but after last night's snowstorm rush, I need it!
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    500days said:
    Typical Tuesday: I just found out from a close friend that her bridal shower will be on the same day as mine. I am sad :(  We do share a few guests, but not a majority. What would NEY do? I hate putting people in a sticky situation where they have to choose between friends.
    Unless you want move your date there isn't anything you can do. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    @twodimes, beautiful dress!

    Waah. My invites are too heavy for the 70-cent stamps and they told FI that the limit for hand-canceling is 1 oz. They weigh 1.1 oz. Now I need 91-cent stamps and the only one that seems to be available is Ralph Ellison, who is a decent author but not what I wanted to put on my wedding invitations. Waah. I'm going to try printing the website insert on lighter paper to see if that takes just enough weight out of them to get back to 70-cent stamps, but if not, then I'm going to have to do custom postage and try to figure out how to make that work when I'm already running out of time to get these going because next week is way too busy for us to even think about going over to have them hand-canceled and that's the 8-week mark. We didn't do STDs so they really need to go out at the 8-week mark.
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 New York member
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    I hope you all stay safe and warm today! I will go back through and try to respond to everyone! 

    I'm back at work today, and expected to have a much busier day. Most of my job is dependent on others doing their jobs properly, and there was supposed to be a lot of testing done over the weekend. Well only a small fraction of it was done, so now I have very little data to process from the weekend. And it's only 1 pm here, and I have no other meetings. So yea....uneventful day. 

    Yesterday I skyped with one of my best friends who lives in Maryland, and she was telling me about how everyone was freaking out about the small amount of snow that they got there (small compared to NY standards at least). She got a snow day today too, and it was only like 4-5 inches of snow! Both of us remember not having any delay whatsoever, let alone a snow day, for more snow than that in NY. She was also asking me about wedding planning and how that was going, and was so surprised to hear that her BF of 3+ years (and they are talking about marriage) would most definitely be invited to our wedding. She has been to so many weddings in the past two years or so, and apparently that isn't the norm at them. How anyone thinks it is okay not to invite SO's is beyond me. 

    Tonight FI and I are probably going to try to cook something with the chicken thawing in the fridge today. He made pasta sauce last night, so maybe we can stop by the market and get some mozzarella and make chicken parm. We are trying to be better about cooking at home more. 

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