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photographer disaster- update- pics gone forever


Re: photographer disaster- update- pics gone forever

  • This thread is scaring me.  I haven't backed up my stuff for months.  And my external HD is on it's way out and I've been procrastinating on getting a new one.  I need to get my shit together. 

  • @lolo883 That's what I said- I have college drinking pics and pictures of my fuckng cat that are backed up on 2 externals and google drive! SMH at least I have the truth now



  • levioosa said:
    This thread is scaring me.  I haven't backed up my stuff for months.  And my external HD is on it's way out and I've been procrastinating on getting a new one.  I need to get my shit together. 
    I have friends getting married in April & June and I just told them to ask their photographer how they store things! I don't want this to happen to anyone!



  • I just read this whole thing and I am so sorry. This is nuts. I have done some careless, stupid things but not backing up a shoot, especially one done for a friend that I was paid for, would not be one of them. And the lying is really inexcusable. 

    I like your dad's perspective. Photography was my big thing and I thought I cared so much. We had tons of great pics. Guess what? Our wedding was almost 8 months ago and we still haven't had any printed. I'm thinking we might actually get around to getting an album for our 1 year anniversary but I agree that in reality, there's just that small handful of standout pictures that you ever actually look at. 
  • Ugh this sucks so much. If she is still planning on photographing other weddings I would absolutely be writing an honest review with all of this information. If I was searching for a photographer and found out she did this, I would be very grateful and would not book her. I can't believe how many lies she told you. Or that she didn't back up something so important! Come on.

    I also agree she should give you back what you paid for her travel. I know the money doesn't help, but she should still give that all back.
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  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 member
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    jenna8984 said:
    @Jenna8984, ask this lady if you can have the computer HD and external HD and then contact a group that does forensic level restoration.  It will be expensive as all fuck, but that level of restoration *might* get you back some or all of the pics.

    I am just so very sorry.  Ugh.

    She tried......a company charged her $1300 and still couldn't get them. Well they dropped the charge when they couldn't get them but that was the initial invoice amount. :(
    I'm a skeptic, and since you already feel you were lied to for months, I'd want those HDs in my hands and I'd want to consult with the forensic recovery people myself.  For my own piece of mind.

    I don't believe her.
    Ditto. And if it is true what the fuck did she do to mess up this badly?
    You can fry your motherboard or HD by walking across a carpet on a dry, winter day and touching it and causing a spark of static. 

    In the electronics world they call that an ESD, or Electrostatic Discharge, and people who are working with motherboards, processors, circuitry, etc. actually wear special wrist and heel straps that allow them to be physically grounded to a special mat to prevent ESDs.

    The 1st HD I had lasted me 10 years until my motherboard caused some event that fried my processor and the HD.  However, I was lucky and was able to recover all my data, documents, and photos by going to a computer repair place.

    I signed up for Carbonite immediately!

    My second HD was brand new, in a brand new computer that DH built for me, and 5 months in it just died. 
    @jenna8984 I am so sorry this happened to you. I am glad your father made you feel better about the whole thing. 

    Also, @PrettyGirlLost is spot on. We also have to wear protective lab coats, as ESD events can come from clothing too. Source: Electrical Engineer who works in a lab where I have to be grounded at all times to prevent this sort of thing. The floor is a special material, we have to wear heel straps while walking and wrist straps within 3 feet of any device. 

    ETA: Most processors have special ESD protection circuitry to prevent these things from happening, but they can fail after a certain amount of time, and are not fool proof unfortunately. 

  • @jenna8984 I know you are taking some time before responding to the photog but please make sure she pays you back the $800. It would be completely unfair for her to keep that money.

    And now I woul dbe warning your other freind not to be using this photog for her wedding.

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  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville member
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    Hrrnnnnggghhh... If you only have the data on ONE drive, that's not a "backup". That means you don't have it backed-up. Having a backup means it's in two (or more) locations. Transferring it to an external drive and erasing it from the laptop was a dumbass mistake.

    Ugh. I'm still so pissed for you.
  • I am just sad for you.  It totally stings more when it is a close friend too. I just wish she told you sooner.  Hopefully she learned something from all of this.  I am sure she feels horrible but I also don't blame you that this will definitely hurt the future of the friendship. You can forgive, but I am sure will not forget.  I am glad your dad was so encouraging.  He is 100% correct, and while we all don't have hundreds of wedding photos around the house its how it all went down that makes it all so sad.   At least you do have a few pictures--over time it will be OK, but I am sad you had to go through all of that. 

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    Just now catching up on this. I'm so sorry, Jenna. That is heartbreaking. I was really really hoping you'd have a better outcome :( Ugh. I'm just so sorry 

    Your dad sounds really awesome, and he has a great point. But damn. I want to ask your photog why she did something so fucking dumb (only having the photos in ONE place. JFC). 

    So many hugs and all the wine! 
  • @jenna8984 - I'm so sorry this happened to you! I love your dad's words to you. I'm sure it will take some time to make peace with all of this. Wishing you the best!
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