Budget-friendly venues?

Hello everyone!

I'm getting married in August of this year sometime (date TBD, whenever a venue is available).  It's a budget wedding; I don't expect to be able to spend more than $4000 or $5000 in total...which really limits what I can do.  Especially last-minute.

Thankfully, my family has connections to good friends who are licensed caterers, wonderful musicians, officiators, and I have DIY decor, my hair/make-up/dress all covered myself.  

What I don't have access to are venues--I live down in Florida and won't be up in Connecticut before the trip for the wedding.  This severely limits my ability to scout out venues in person.  My mom and sister are willing to look at some places once you all are out of the deep freeze (stay warm!), but I want to have a list of 5-10 places before I send them off anywhere.  And no worries--I didn't rope them into this unwillingly, and yes--I trust their judgement.  

Ideally, the place would be indoors (need AC--I don't want to kill anyone in the heat!) but with a possibility for a cute outdoor photo spot.  I'm hoping they allow outside caterers as well, or offer very inexpensive catering options.  It's a dry wedding so I don't need to concern myself with alcohol expenses or permits.  

It doesn't need to be in Connecticut itself, but preferably CT, NY, or MA only.

Have any of you had experience with some places in these states?  My google-fu reveals gorgeous but very pricey and likely already-booked venues along Long Island Sound.  :(  I'm thinking community centers, maybe?  Or perhaps even booking a small restaurant somewhere to have the reception in.  

Thoughts and advice appreciated--I have attended a whopping total of 4 weddings in my lifetime, only one of which was as an adult.  The rest were much too far out of my budget to use as a model, one even being a black-tie event.  

Re: Budget-friendly venues?

  • The Lyceum in Terryville, CT is beautiful and sounds like it could fit your needs! I have been to many events there, it's very well kept up and looks well taken care of, never run down or dirty... I know they have done weddings, although they are more of a community center/event venue and less of a wedding venue. There is a beautiful town green directly across the street that would serve as a great place for photos... They have a full kitchen and do allow outside catering as well, making it easier/convenient for a caterer to set up. The website is Good luck!
  • Depending on the size that you're looking for, you might be able to find some cute places in RI too. I looked at a restaurant in Newport (The Landing) that I thought we were going to go with until we saw the venue we ended up choosing. I also loved the looks of Borsari Gallery on Cape Cod, but we never made it that far. 


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  • The Garden House at the Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield, CT is beautiful, and I'm fairly certain they REQUIRE outside caterers, but I'm not sure how much it costs to rent. 
  • What size guest list do you have? That might help us a little more!
  • Try the Tarrywile mansion in CT, too.
  • Maybe the Lounsberry House in Ridgefield...not sure of their price but I know they require outside caterers. It's beautiful for a small to medium sized wedding. 
  • What size guest list do you have? That might help us a little more!
    Under 100.  Most likely under 50, and possibly as little as 25.  It's riding on the cost per person based on the venue--if we can afford to invite more we will but outside of that there is the core best friends/close family number.

    You all are great!  (Keep 'em coming!  Sending my sister out next weekend to look at some of these.)

  • my wedding was at the Lounsbury house, the prices add up quickly!
  • The Publick house in MA is very budget friendly.
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