Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

MIL holding a wedding grudge

Long story short, H decided not to do the mother-groom dance at our wedding. I checked with him several times before submitting our final song list and he declined. I did not want to get in the middle of it, that's their business.

MIL was livid at the wedding, complained and cursed loudly to everyone around her and then disappeared for 45 minutes while several of H's friends had to console her (I didn't know this until days after. H did notice she was missing and went to find her though).

Since then, I know he apologized that she was hurt by it, though I don't know if they actually discussed it or just left it at that. But even so, she still keeps bringing it up to SIL and anyone who will listen, like "Did you hear about my drama at the wedding?"

I know it's between them and I am definitely not getting in the middle of it, but I'm wondering if I should suggest that H talk to her about it? She is the type who will hold resentment about it, but I also think she is dragging it out for attention purposes, so perhaps letting it go would just be best?

Just curious what anyone else thinks.

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