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What is your number?

Where are you ladies at as far as guests that are attending? What was your original number vs. final count?

We invited 219 and right now have 112 that are yes, 46 declines, and RSVPs are due on Friday. We weren't sure how many guests we would ultimately have as our wedding is a DW for most of our guests (but local for us)... but I think we are all a little surprised at how low our "yes" number is turning out to be. My dad is pleased, to say the least, as he is the one paying haha we are bummed about a lot of the declines but what can ya do??
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Re: What is your number?

  • We were surprised at some of our declines. We invited about 159, so far about 90 have rsvp'd yes but including people who have give verbal yes's or we know have a hotel room, it's going to probably be around 128.

    We are paying for the reception portion ourselves so we're happy campers :)


  • I originally had expected we would only invite 100-150 so when we ended up inviting so many, it was kind of startling to consider possibly 200 guests. But now the 100-150 seems so small! lol I know it is still a lot of people, though. 

    We are still getting enough cake for 200 or so. Because... cake.
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  • We invited 200 exactly, most from out of town. Our RSVP deadline is March 7th and we have gotten less than half of the responses back. So far we have 70 yes and 25 no with around 40 of those who haven't responded that we think are for sures. We are hoping to keep it under 150 so so far so good! We got no's from around 10 people that we thought would come for sure and were a little disappointed. 
  • Orginal 100 attending 86.  We are paying for the entire wedding ourselves.
  • We invited 157 and our guest list closed at 132.
  • Ours were due Friday and we are rounding up RSVPs from a few people still.. but right now we are at 127 attending; we invited 220.
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  • We invited about 175 and we're at 132 replying yes, if we could keep it at 150 and under that would be great
  • Ooo, less people than we thought. Going to come in right about 110, invited 158.


  • Official count is 135!! Invited 219, could afford to host them all, but had most of our quotes done for 150.. So needless to say dad is pleased! 30 days to go!!
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  • We invited 157 and have 140 RSVP's ....lots of people that we had to CALL to get their RSVP even though we provided the stamp, I just couldn't understand why so many people chose to not contact, shoot a text and some even sent messages on FB. My wedding planner was in shock! She got 92 RSVPs and once I reached out to people etc, we were up to 157
  • #Knottie25182388  Wow that is crazy.  I had our RSVP on our wedding site.  I got most of the RSVP's at the bridal shower.  Then the day they were do I was calling people. Once I had those answers I took the RSVP down off of the site.  It was nice and easy to keep track of meals, babies, adult, and kids.  Our only issue was the site was down for a week. 
  • We invited around 80 but only 23 RSVPs. My half of the guest list was all out of state or out of country since I moved here only a few months ago and don't know many people here so it's understandable that almost everyone on my side declined.

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  • Invited 148 and have 111 attending!!

    We have to pay for a minimum of 109 people so this is perfect. Wanted 110-120!

  • Invited 76 because it's all we could afford, 60 are attending. I'm pretty happy with that. 
  • Due to it being a destination wedding and adults only we only invited 55ppl so far 45 rsvp but with 19days away only 23 ppl have booked a flight and/or hotel room
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