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anyone have any recommendations of good bridal stores, with a variety of different styles to try on?

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  • I found my Dress at Mariella Creations in Rocky Hill - and let me tell you, I went to TONS of places before that. Mariella's staff was helpful, and they have their dresses organized by style (example - all the ballgowns together, all the mermaid together) which was different than many other places I went. They had good sized dressing rooms (which was a battle everywhere else I went), and the women there listen to what you think you want, will pull as many dresses as you want, and will maybe sneak in another dress that they think you might like that doesn't necessarily fit the criteria you asked for, but will probably love anyways.

    Side note - I should say that over the course of trying on dresses (6 months, probably 60-80 dresses) the dress I ended up with was radically different than anything i ever thought i would wear on my wedding day. I love my gown, and also the fact that Mariella's let's me try it on whenever I want, even though my alterations haven't started yet!
  • Lastrina Girls in Middletown
    The Wedding Dress in Portland
    The White Dress on the Shore (little pricier) 
    Bliss Bridal in Cheshire

    Seconding Mariella's as well.

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    I found my dress at Occassions in Bethel, CT. It looks a touch rundown, but don't let that discourage you. She (Gail, the owner) has some really unique, beautiful dresses for a low budget (my dress was $700) that you won't find anywhere else. Also... tip...I do NOT like the way my dress looks on the hanger. I think it looks frumpy. But on? IN LOVE. 
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    I got mine at Majesty Bridal in Danbury. Looks like nothing special from outside, but it's actually pretty nice and big inside. Service was friendly and I was able to buy the sample I tried on for a great price. They're storing it for me for free until I start fittings my fittings in August. 

    ETA I also shopped at Julie Allen in Newtown and they had a really big selection. I almost bought a dress from them. They were absolutely MOBBED on a saturday afternoon and I felt like I did not get enough attention even though I had an appointment. They switched my consultant 3/4 way through the appointment. Worth a look though based on their selection in my opinion. 
  • Bliss Bridal in Cheshire, they are amazing!
  • bridal bells in berlin small shop but with a ton of dress options to choose from 

    she carries mori lee, bonny, jasmine, venus and a few other designers they have alterations person on hand and she is really good at what she does,
    bridal bells sells inexpensive gowns starting at 500-1500  she might have a few gowns in the 2000 range but not sure my dress was 925 with an extra strap tax and alterations plus a viel i paid 1400 for everything 

    she has a wide range of sample sizes 8s 10s 12s, 14s 16s 18s 20s 22s 24s 26s 28s and 30s in stock to try on 

    mariellas they only have sample sizes 10s and 12s some 16s but very few if you need larger size samples dont waste your time

    bliss also has a wide range of sizes as well 

  • I went to Lastrina's today. Loved the selection however the one thing that bugged me was the consultant I was working with didn't let me go through the racks first to see what I liked. She just pulled some and I actually had to end up suggesting one I liked and it ended up being the top contender. Otherwise good service, you're the only bride they help at once. 

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  • all the places i went to i was able to see the dresses and pick what i wanted. 

    mariellas was not so nice to me on the phone they only had one dress in a size 20 to try on and they told me i would just have to attach the dress over my head via the straps and the hanger they still wanted me to come in  but i declined and the lady was not so happy on the other line 

  • I used Julie Allen in Newtown and they were awesome to work with. They have a good selection of plus size dresses too.
  • @LaurenDarling I'm going to Julie Allen's on Friday. Any problem with getting dresses in when they're supposed to? Online reviews aren't favorable.

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