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Need help.. any 2nd wedding, small Jewish wedding, prefer to do it for less, Aug 2015 wedding ideas

It's been a very long time since my fiance and I had previous weddings.  This is a 2nd wedding for both of us.  A small (50 guests or less)Jewish wedding is important to us,  but many of our guests are not Jewish,  they know us from the ASB (saddleseat)horse world instead.
We are both very involved in the ASB (saddleseat) horse world, and have been so forever.

I've got the classic dress thanks to a stroke of luck at a 2nd hand store.  He's wearing a blue seersucker suit.  We aren't planning on a wedding party,  it's our 2nd wedding , so we feel like we can skip that part, strife, expense.

Any ideas on pulling together on pulling together a small classic yet fun, Jewish wedding,  reception suggestions for a Sunday wedding (during hot & humid) August 2015?

Thanks for your help and input.

Re: Need help.. any 2nd wedding, small Jewish wedding, prefer to do it for less, Aug 2015 wedding ideas

  • Where are you planning to host the wedding?  Location would help with venue ideas.  As for the religious aspect, instead of a chuppah, you could have four friends (hopefully taller) hold a larger, square tallis over your heads.  Some rabbis even have poles that people hold at attach the tallis to the top.  Either way, that saves a huge expense.  It is always fun to have a hora and most people can pull off dancing in a circle, holding hands, even if they've never done a Hora before, and I would definitely include the bride and groom going up in chairs.  Other than that, once you choose the rabbi, he/she will have other ideas for making it fun.
  • The best ways to save money are:

    1) limit the guest list
    2) have the wedding a non-meal time (e.g. ceremony 2-2:30, reception 2:30-5)

    All you really need is:

    - food/drink appropriate for the time of day. So if it's meal time, a meal. If it's not meal time, snacks/refreshments.
    - a chair for each guest
    - shelter/protection from the elements

    Those are literally the only 3 must-haves. The only one I worry about from your OP is the last one because you mention it will be "hot/humid". You need to have a conditions cut off where you move to plan be. For example, if it's raining and/or above 80 degrees, you move inside.

  • Check with some resturants in your area that have rooms available to rent that maybe you can have the ceremony at too. Then you can have the ceremony followed by lunch, dinner or either a nice assortment of apps & desserts, depending on what time of day you plan to have your event. It can still be very beautiful, simple and classic. Just because it's a 2nd time around for both of you no reason not to have a beautiful rememorable day.

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