Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Did you do a recieving line?

Was it after the ceremony or before the reception?

Re: Did you do a recieving line?

  • We didn't do one because we didn't want to have to stand in line and awkwardly greet our guests and we didn't want them to have to do that either.

    Instead, we did table visits.  After we were done eating, we went and visited each table.  That way, we could greet them all and get to chit-chat a little.  We also had our photographer follow us around and she took a picture of us with every table.  That way, we were able to get a picture with every person at our reception.
  • We did one and we also visited each table to be able to spend a little extra time with everyone.
  • We did table visits too. I hate receiving lines because they're so awkward. I didn't feel like I had to hug guests I barely know at the tables, just the ones I was really close to. And we had plenty of time to chit chat because we did it in between courses.
  • We did one at the end of the ceremony as the guests were leaving the church. It was just H and I, no parents or bridal party. I'm really glad we did, it was a great way to share our joy with our guests. But that being said, we also were very selective about our guest list so everyone at the wedding was someone important in either his or my life, so there wasn't anything awkward about it.

    It also gave me a few minutes to calm down and stop shaking after the ceremony before we started our pictures.
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  • We were going to have one and do table visits, but the wording got messed up in the program so people thought we weren't having a receiving line.  We just did table visits.
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  • We did a receiving line, much to my chagrin. I had every intention of doing table visits, but my mom shuffled us to the reception entrance two seconds after the wedding so we could do one. It actually turned out ok, but I had to fake being oh-so-excited to see certain people and hug people I don't normally hug. Poor DH was quite embarassed, he's so shy.
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