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The Cruz Building in Coconut Grove

Hi Ladies,

I have not been successful getting a hold of anyone at the cruz building, does anyone have any idea how much they charge to rent the venue on a saturday? what other fees are associated? and is there free parking for the guest? im desperate to get this info, i am going nuts trying to lock down a venue. i feel like all the great venues are already booked for my date and changing the date is non-negotiable for us. 


Re: The Cruz Building in Coconut Grove

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    I paid $10,600 (with taxes) for a sunday and I know that Saturday is more expensive. You will have to book a valet through them because they have no parking. My planner was able to work with them to let me pay $5/car and let everyone self park because most of my guests have custom modified cars and would rather park them self. I don't remember what they said the cost of the valet was.
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     thanks @toughcookie508 i finally spoke to someone and im going to see the venue next weekend. im excited looks beautiful in photos!
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