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Hello Everyone! I guess I'll get right to it... for our favors my future mother-in-law bought us a bunch of those bride/groom boxes. For our "bride" favors we are making homemade vanilla extract. My thinking is that it is something I have been making for a long time so I know the process, and it is something that will actually get used. However, I am not so sure of what to put in the "groom" box. 

We are trying to make the favors as inexpensive as possible. The vanillas will end up costing about $40 packaged, so we would like to keep the groom's favor at about 1/2 that cost. I was thinking of going with a sweet and spicy theme? Possibly a BBQ rub of some sort? I could also do coffee beans, but I would wonder how many people would really use that? Any advice would be great! 

....also, I am reading that many people are against "couple" favors. I guess this would technically qualify, but I am thinking it is fine since both people actually get something. Plus, all but two people are bringing a guest. 

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    I'm one of those people who is "meh" on couples favors. It just puts a little too much emphasis on gender roles (e.g. "she bakes, he grills!!". But if you want to do it, it's your call.

    Almost anything edible will go over well. Cookies/brownies/donuts are a good option. Chocolates shaped like things (e.g. golf balls or some other thing to fit whatever theme you have). Hot chocolate mix. Alcohol (little nip bottles might work well). A bag of mixed candy. Consumable is best.

    I wouldn't do the coffee beans - not everyone has a grinder. The spice mix is a nice idea.

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    I agree with you about the baking/ grilling female/male roles. Actually I really wasn't planning on doing a bride/groom box thing at all until they were purchased for us. Since we have them we might as well use them. Maybe it would be better to have two things go together like hot cocoa and vanilla. That is a good idea! Thanks!
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    I went to a wedding where the bride favors were vanilla sugar and the groom favors were siracha salt.

    I fucking love that siracha salt. 

    The whole gender roles thing though is silly.

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    What are his interests and hobbies? What's his favorite food? Favorite dessert? I definitely would focus less on a gender role and more on what he does like. If he genuinely enjoys grilling, then grilling spices would be pretty cool. 

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    That's true, he does like to grill. And I go through vanilla like no one's business. I also like that siracha salt idea, yum!
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