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Looking for Dress

I'm trying to find a Mori Lee dress style number 1301. I've contacted a lot of the vendors from the Mori Lee website in the Minneapolis area, but none of them carry this dress, nor are willing to order a sample for me to try on. I've found plenty of bridal salons willing to order the dress for me, but none that actually have it in their store. I'm hoping someone will know of a store that carries this particular dress. 

Re: Looking for Dress

  • have you tried going to the mori lee website and locating a mori lee dress retailer then calling all of those?  http://www.morilee.com/services/findaretailer
  • I used the find a retailer section of the Mori Lee website and contacted several of them via email. None of them carry a sample version of it, but are more than happy to actually order the dress for me. I don't know who would think ordering a wedding dress without trying it on was a good idea. 
  • Oh gotchya.  Did you check the stores that were further away too or just Mpls area?  I don't think ordering without trying is a good idea...You could try ones w/ similar looks/styles maybe to get an idea?
  • Being plus-size I don't get to try on clothes off the rack like those in the smaller sizes are used to when it comes to many of my nicer clothes (dress suits, swimsuits, etc.).  For our anniversary trip I ordered my formal online (SO much cheaper than using a salon!!!) in a style I knew would look great on my body shape.  Many of us have to do this "all the time", it sucks, but it's not the end of the world, nor a bad idea if you've done your due diligence in knowing what looks good on your body and are honest about sizing (it's about fit, not a number).  No bridal salon is going to order in samples - they don't want to be stuck with it should you get it on and not like it. 

    Here's my recommendation - try on dresses of a similar cut and style.  Determine that "yes, this is the dress" and either order it in to a salon as "the dress" or find a discounter online and a drycleaner to steam it for you and seamstress to do any final alterations.  Or find a dress you love more. 

    Depending on how much you want to spend, a trip to Kleinfeld's (otherwise there has to be a Chicago equiv.)  would probably be your best bet but travel isn't cheap, so weigh your options and decide accordingly...  Just do your due diligence!

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  • Have you contacted the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul? I got my dress there and I believe it is a Mori Lee.
  • I have contacted dress shops in the Mpls/St. Paul area (including the Wedding Shoppe in St. P) and all the way up to St. Cloud. I think I will just have to do what was already suggested here. Find a similar style and see if I like it. BTW, Kleinfeld's doesn't carry Mori Lee...I did check that one after seeing one too many "Say Yes to the Dress" shows. While I don't have a problem trying on a similar style to see if its right for me, my challenge is how the actual material of this dress will feel. If you're going to wear a dress for hours and hours, its not only got to look good; but it has to feel good too. 
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