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Pi day brides!

Totally late to the game here...we just got engaged a month ago and are getting married next month on Pi day.  (Yep - nothing like a 2 month engagement to shock and awe!)  So far we've incorporated the Pi symbol into our invitations and we're having wedding pie instead of cake, and the pies will be labeled with mini chalkboards that say "apple π", "cherry π", etc.  Also, his name begins with an R and mine begins with L, so I created a Pi symbol using a lowercase R and a lowercase L to do all of that with.  What other ways are you incorporating the Pi symbol into your big day?

Re: Pi day brides!

  • We used subtle Pi symbols on our invitation envelopes (only a few people noticed) but we're incorporating Pi with our favors--mini whoopie pies with corresponding pi labels.
  • We used pi on the invites as well, and we are attaching a pi temporary tattoo to the escort cards! I think we are going to get some complaints that we aren't serving pie though...
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