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What do you do when you are feeling discouraged?

I know the moment we got engaged that this wedding is going to be a budget wedding. I knew it would be stressful and I'd be planning a lot of it. But now I am about 4 months into the planning and I just feel discouraged. I feel like I am researching and researching and not finding what I want at all AND when I do, its well out of my budget. We found a fantastic venue, had everything I wanted and currently they have a deal if you book asap. We have until March 31st until this deal runs out. It really isn't over priced but its too much for us to come up with 1k this month. I felt like it was perfect and it helped me out a lot. I felt as if I'd be a lot less stressed because they have a caterer also, they have a bar and its included in price with all the staff, they set up everything (linens, plates, chair covers, ect) and they have a day-of-coordinator... did I mention the uplighting is free of charge if we book in the next month. and we can decorate up to 36 hours in advance. We have about a year until our wedding but everything hinges on the location and venue. I was just wondering from you budget friendly peeps, what do you do when you feel discouraged?

How do you decide on a venue? Is it all about the money? I feel like I found what I loved and its about 7k but that includes everything. ...and my fiancé said..we can wait to book it. but if we wait the venue goes up to about 10k. I feel 6k is reasonable for everything it includes.

Is it worth it to just do everything separate on your own? If I choose a venue that is plain; Id have to worry about a caterer, plates and silverware and cups, napkins, linens and setting up everything the day before. Not to mention Id have to hire a staff, bartender, order whatever alcohol we wanted, and get a permit to serve it. I would have to worry and coordinate everything on my own when I know id rather just be as stressfree as possible on my big day.

I'd still have to get my own cake, photographer, dj, and flowers. But that does not worry me. I plan on making centerpieces, all the gifts, and bouquets/boutonnieres. I have a large diy list for the wedding.

Please don't suggest just going to a courthouse. It means a lot to me to have a big day about it.

Re: What do you do when you are feeling discouraged?

  • I wanted to go with an all-inclusive setup as well. The prospect of shopping around for all the little separate things was overwhelming to me. There's no way you can come up with the deposit money for this venue in time?  
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  • Can you REALLY skimp this next month and come up with $1,000? What about your savings? What about picking up extra shifts (if you have that option at your job)? Baby sitting? Pet sitting? Selling some stuff you don't need on Craiglist? 

    I have to ask, if the venue will be $7K for everything and you still need to provide a cake, photographer, DJ and flowers, you're probably looking at about $11K for everything (even if you go on the CHEAP). So you say your wedding is next year.... What time next year? Because if you can't come up $1K this month, how will you save about $1K every month over the next several months to pay for everything? 

    Plus, in addition to the things above, you have attire, stationary (invites, TY notes, escort cards), BM/GM gifts, salon stuff (if doing), hotel (if doing), honeymoon (if doing), officiant fee, ceremony space, etc. I'm trying to further discourage you, but trying to be realistic. 

    Here's what you CAN do:

    - Have your wedding at a non-meal time so that you don't have to serve a meal. Do a 2pm ceremony with a 2:30-5pm cocktail/appetizer style reception. 
    - Limit your guest list. 
    - Ask about "off-season" discounts if your flexible on your date
    - hire a student photographer
    - use an iPod instead of a DJ
    - have a tiny cake for cutting and sheet cakes for serving (Costco cakes are actually really good and they're cheap)
    - do your own hair/nails
    - only use flowers for bouquets/bouts, use cheaper items to make your own centerpieces
    - find a pre-owned dress and wear shoes you already have
    - have your groom wear a suit/shirt he already has - maybe buy a new tie
    - do a stay-cation honeymoon, be a tourist in your own town!
    - skip frilly, unnecessary stuff like favors
    - make your own invites using templates from Michael's (or other craft store)
    - make your own escort cards using card stock from staples/office depot
    - have a limited bar - beer and wine only
    - get married in the same location as your reception - make an aisle through the tables and have people already seated for dinner. You avoid renting another space, set of chairs, decor, etc...

    That's all I can think of right now. Good luck!

  • Could you negotiate a payment plan for your deposit with the venue? Put down part of the deposit now to get the contract, and then the rest later?
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    Wave $500 in front of the event coordinator.  Tell him there will be another $500 coming in two months.

    Before you sign anything, read the contract carefully.  Are tips and taxes included in the price you were quoted?  They can add 35% to the final bill!  Be certain you understand everything before you sign.
  • Decide what is most important to you and focus on that. So if the all in one setup is really important then see if you can make it work for the Mar 31 deposit. I echo what another poster said that if you are having trouble with the deposit now will you be able to swing the whole cost even in a year,with the addition of photo/cake/DJ etc? Some ways we are saving: - dress purchased on preownedweddingdresses.com I tried the same dress on in person at Davids Bridal so I knew it would fit - Friday instead of Saturday - bought bridal belt thing from someone on a local wedding resale group - photographer is a family portrait person just getting into weddings, lower cost plus booked during a cyber Monday sale - cake, looking at cupcakes from independent baker instead of local chain shop
  • We had our wedding at an all-inclusive venue and it truly was stress free. 

    I agree with PPs, see if you can come up with $1000 and if it's really not possible, tell them you'll pay $500 now and $500 next month. 

  • I may be a little late on this thread, but here's some ideas because sometimes the best venues are hard to find.

    Contact caterers in your area. Many of them have a couple if not several they cater to and sometimes they are the exclusive caterer so you wont always find it. My fiance does sales for a catering company and they have 2 venues they cater to exclusively and they are hard to find other wise. One is free with a minimum and one has a room rental fee. Test your options that way.

    Also, think of something unconventional. In my hometown, there is a giant pedestrian bridge (thats where my ceremony will be actually) and you can rent it for the whole day for fairly cheap and not many people know you can even rent it. Look at your city or county website to see what is avalible in your area. Additonally, many caterers will provide all glassware and dishes for your event and will help you rent linens and many of the things you will need.

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