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Signing our venue contract today - any veteran advice?

We're using an all-inclusive venue, catering, floral and transportation. Any tips or must-ask questions?
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Re: Signing our venue contract today - any veteran advice?

  • My biggest concern would be making sure the contract says it's their responsibility to find you new vendors if any of their included ones can't make it. I've heard of brides that had all inclusive DJs double book and could no longer make it. You don't want to be scrambling to find someone when you thought everything was taken care of. 
  • Make sure you check for any clauses about included gratuity/service charges, and ask what that actually covers, and can the service charges be taxed. For instance, my venue had a mandatory 20% "service charge" that WAS taxed and did NOT cover gratuity for the servers. 

    Make sure you are clear on the cancellation schedule. 

    Find out if there are any other events scheduled for that day and what time they are.

    Make sure you are locked into food/package prices. Some June 2012 brides had to argue with their venue when they tried to charge them the NEW food prices, instead of the ones in the contract

    Find out who is responsible for setting up/cleaning up/decorating, etc in case the answer is YOU.
  • Also make sure they are covered on insurance (and it includes alcohol). Some venues around here require you to cover yourself. 

    I would also make sure that if, say you don't like the cakes the baker makes or the food the caterer does, that you could bring in your own vendor. If not, I'd definitely taste test everything before signing.
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    my venue changed management after i signed my contract and tried changing things on me, trying to charge us more for things the other manager woulldnt't etc. SO make sure you ask them that just in case something happens with management  and that your contract still be honored, IN WRITING!
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  • If there is anything that was discussed via email or phone make sure it is in the contract!
  • I agree with the PPs about gratuity and insurance.
    My family and I read our contract several times saved all of our emails from the venue. I had a similar situation with Mrs.H. The prices changed after we had signed our contract and the week before we noticed that we were being charged the new prices (which were higher) instead of the prices we agreed to. The venue coordinator did not notice it- my mom did.

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