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Inexpensive venues...

I'm in need of a rather inexpensive venue for about 125 people, would rather be able to bring in vendors, but my main goal is to budget it at 3,000 or less. I'm not wanting country, just modern and chic. Thanks!

Re: Inexpensive venues...

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    This is an international board and we don't know where you are. If you share your location, I would be happy to move your post.
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    Try your local town/city/state parks (check their websites). A lot of the ones I'm looking at have places where weddings can be held, and the rentals run from $500 all the way down to $75. Some are even free but don't do reservations, meaning you have to get someone to claim the spot the day of. More restrictions and rules to follow than many other venues, but the locations are beautiful. Be sure to reserve far in advance as they book up quickly.
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