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5K budget in NYC or Hudson Valley: need venue

While I may be able to talk my fiancé into increasing our budget to around 7k, the truth is we both want to buy a house (outside of the city) in a couple of years, and he has a daughter with a pricey pre-K. We're not going into this with a ton of family assistance and I'm not comfortable funneling alllll of my savings into it. So! Here is where I am at: we're looking at either November or December 2015 or March-May 2016. 50-60 people. I am absolutely adamant against an outdoor wedding in NY because I am faaaar too anxious to spend the better part of a year freaking out over the weather (and I would). But I need help finding an indoor venue/catering options that don't soar past 5k. 

50% of our guest list is coming from out of town so I want to be able to feed people (buffet/stations is fine with me) and not just do passed h'ors d'oeuvres, but I am having no luck finding anything. 

Getting married at city hall and then just having a dinner party later is becoming an option, and fast, despite my reluctance, unless we can track something down. My dreeeeeeam would have been the Metropolitan Building but at 6k for just the venue, that's not an option. 

We're looking in the outer boroughs and Hudson Valley (he lives in Westchester). Not interested in Long Island, fwiw. Would anyone have any suggestions at all? I've started to really dislike trying to plan my wedding. :\

Re: 5K budget in NYC or Hudson Valley: need venue

  • Good evening there,

    Sorry I am just seeing this right now, are you still looking? I have some leads I can share with you if you are.

     ~ K

  • I would recommend checking out They could find a nice venue for your buck, and some unusual options that you may not be considering.

    Another option is a park wedding in NYC. Those only cost the application fee for the venue, but there are other drawbacks to that.

    I don't know much about booking Hudson Valley venues, but I'd suggest reaching out to hotels and B&Bs to see if they have any packages. The more all inclusive a place is, the cheaper it usually ends up being.
  • Try the Royal Regency in Yonkers.  They also have hotel rooms and bridal suite.  The banquet rooms are nice, there is a wedding chapel and everything is well maintained, with good service.   There are no real scenic set ups here, but the food is excellent and easy to get to.  There are also nearby hotels if you want your FI and his gents to get ready near the venue.  do an earlier wedding or a Thursday night to save a bunch of money.
  • how about a restaurant?
  • CSol70 said:
    how about a restaurant?
    Ah! Now is just as good a time as any to say I did find a place that comes very close to this budget-- and it's a restaurant! We're going with a brunch reception at Ici in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It's lovely and works with our budget ( FYI for anyone interested, this is so long as we keep our guest list below 48 which is the space limitation of their event space; when you go over that number it necessitates a restaurant buyout). They've been great to deal with so far.

  • My fiance booked Terrace in the Park in queens but we had to cancel because of a change of plans.  the date is for June 11, 2016 and the reservation was for 50 people at their Oak Room.  If anybody needs a venue for that date, it would be fantastic if you could book it at Terrace in the Park's Oak room.  They quoted us $100 per person with a 20% surcharge which came out to $6000 for 50 guests.  It includes cocktail hour, dinner and a venetian dessert table, wedding cake, maitre d, bridal suite - the works!

    The place is fantastic and I've seen great reviews of their menu. :smile: 

    Just putting this out there just in case anyone is interested 
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