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Looking for some help finding outdoor venue in the Philadelphia/jersey/delaware area. My fiancé and I live in Arizona so trying to do most of research from here. Guest list between 200-250 and looking for under 100pp (including site fee/tax/gratuity). The best would be a venue that allows outside catering but haven't had much luck finding that. Have checked partyspace and the "affordable" ones turn out 125-140pp. Thanks for any help !!!

Re: Outdoor venue -philly/nj/de

  • You should definitely check out the American Swedish Historical Museum located in FDR park! It's an amazing place, plus, they have an on-site tent for the reception so if the weather is bad you don't have to worry about spending an additional $1000 to keep people out of the rain/cold. You can find the venue on partyspace.  Outside catering is not allowed, but Jeffrey Miller Catering is absolutely amazing! Their food is great, they provide a wedding consultant (Mandy, at that location is absolutely fantastic to work with!!) who runs your entire event the day-of (so you don't need to hire an additional planner) and the food is delicious! It is closer to the 125pp range, but they are really flexible with the menus and can work with you to design something closer to your budget.  You should absolutely give them a call and check out the location.  You can also find the location on the Jeffrey Miller pinterest board. Check them out there, since they have more recent pictures of the venue since they renovated the space last summer and made it absolutely gorgeous!
  • Thanks for suggestion. But looking at under a 100pp. Even that extra $25 is 5k when having 200 and that's doesn't even factor venue fee ;(
  • Have you considered having it on a Friday night or Sunday?  A lot of places offer steep discounts (I used Jeffrey Miller, and I know they do, too, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to get under the $100 mark even without their auto-grat)...  I remember seeing the Old Mill on and they started at like 65$/person for non-traditional hours.  That didn't include taxes or site fee, but I bet you could hit that mark.  Also- remember Delaware is basically tax-free if you choose a site there!
  • thanks for the tips.  have looked into old mill, but like man reviews the manager/caterer is a little difficulty to get in touch with.
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