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Bridal Party Dance

So tell me if you guys think this is a cool idea or not. 

I'm going to talk to the DJ and have him play Bye Bye Bye by N*SYNC. I obsessed over this band as a little girl and so did my sister and bridesmaids. We're going to let it go as normal until the last chorus where I will interrupt the DJ (planned of course) and the music will stop long enough to get everyone's attention and I'll say something along the lines of "alright, you know what..we'll take it from here." and we'll do the famous N*SYNC Bye Bye Bye dance together.  The bridal party (5 bridesmaids and me) are all cool with it and we found a video tutorial showing all of the moves. I'm going to be the biggest problem because I don't have as much dance background as the rest of the group but I also have the dress so I get more leeway anyway, right? 
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Re: Bridal Party Dance

  • Honestly this stuff is overdone and no one goes to a wedding hoping to see the BL do a choreographed Dan e
    Please don't.
  • Yeah, we might just save the antics for the bachelorette party.
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  • I agree, save antics for your bachelorette party.  I agree that choreographed dances are WAY overdone (just look on youtube for proof of that).  And, honestly, rarely any bridal party member actually enjoys doing it. They do it for the bride, but mostly, hate it.   And the guests are sitting there as a captive audience, so they applaud, but most of the time, people are thinking it's sort of stupid.  

  • But go ahead and play the song for sure.  I think you'll be surprised by how many people KNOW the moves, and you'll have more fun with a full dance floor!  

  • Dreamergirl8812Dreamergirl8812 your closet member
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    donethat said:
    But go ahead and play the song for sure.  I think you'll be surprised by how many people KNOW the moves, and you'll have more fun with a full dance floor!  

    This. At my MOH's wedding the groom and groomsmen surprised everyone by doing the Thriller dance. It was hilarious and really fun to watch. But they did it like halfway through the dance portion of the reception so most of us were already on the dance floor (and a little drunk). We just formed a half circle and watched and danced while they did their dance. It was awesome.

    But choreographed dancing while everyone is sitting down just makes me cringe.


  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I loved Nsync when I was younger.  My friend requested the song at my wedding.  Myself and a few of my friends had a dance off to the song.  We didn't clear the dance floor or tell people "hey look over here."  It just happened because we are silly like that.  Those that wanted to join in did and those who didn't continued to dance with their friends and SO since we were kind of off to the side.

  • I actually really like that idea, Maggie! 
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  • I like that Idea.. for my wedding the bridesmaids and I are doing a dance.. have fun let us know how it turns out.
  • From a guest perspective, don't. It's so boring to sit through these. As PPs have said, if you MUST do it, wait until you've opened the dance floor to everyone.
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