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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

QOTD 6/18

Do you plan on eventually having children?  If so, how many do you want?

Re: QOTD 6/18

  • We def plan on having children very soon,i would love to have twins(could happen runs in the hubbys fam) but if not i think either 2 or 3 would be nice.

  • Not for a few years, but we'd like to have 3, God willing.
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  • We actually have no intention of having children in the near future. Maybe when we're both in our early 30's, we'll decide it's right for us, but right now neither of us think we want kids (or even are ready for parenthood). Plus, we just moved to the NYC area, and if we ever do have kids, we don't want to raise them here. We'd have to move back to the Carolinas first.
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  • No way jose. I really do not want kids everrrrr. and my fiance said thats fine with him. we'd rather travel and spend our lives together. I dont want to have to focus on kids especially cause i want a career.
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  • We want 3 maybe 4, for some reason after awhile the number keeps dropping for me. But we arent having kids for another 5 years
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  • I plan on not having any.
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  • I have a 7 year-old.  When we got engaged last October, we were planning to wait a year or so and then try for one of our own but... well, see my siggy.  Best-laid plans (Ortho Evra patch failure)!
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