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Gifts not showing up as purchased?

Has anyone experienced this issue with their Macy's registry?? We received a gift at my shower from our registry but it still shows up as us needing one. Just curious if anyone else had this happen at Macy's.
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Re: Gifts not showing up as purchased?

  • Are you sure the guest bought it from Macy's? Or perhaps bought it in general and didn't mark it off the registry? We had this happen with multiple gifts.
  • They bought two items from the registry at the same time, and one showed up as completed and one didn't. I'm not sure how the process goes and if each one had to be marked individually or what??
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    This has to be a glitch or they didn't buy them on the same receipt. Perhaps they meant they not them on the same trip, but forgot to scan the registry the second time. Macy's seems to be one of the best at marking items as purchased.
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