$15K wedding for 200 guests.. Can't pick a venue!

Hi! My fiance and I got engaged January 5, 2015 and our wedding is August 2 (so basically less than 7 months to plan everything!). I have a $15,000 budget from my parents (I'm paying) that includes venue, decor, food/beverage, beauty, attire, etc. This is what I have so far:

Venue- ?
Food- ?
Decor- ?
Officiant- $0 (pastor of my church)
Photographer- $1,100
Hair/Makeup- $100 (friend of mine; I'm buying the makeup)
Stationary- $400 (Costco!)
Dress- $900 (custom making with a seamstress I know personally)
Transportation- $0 (if ceremony and reception are in the same place)

Since me fiance lives oversees at the moment, I'm making all the decision. I've looked at basically every venue in metro Atlanta online, and I'm so indecisive! Help! I live in Buford, GA, so NE of Atlanta. I'd be willing to drive up to an hour for the wedding, and our wedding will be on a Sunday. We do not consume alcohol, nor need a DJ. Do you know of a venue? Had a wedding, been to a wedding, took a tour of a place that is nice and within my budget (around $10,000 for venue+food)? Please let me know :D Thanks in advance!

Re: $15K wedding for 200 guests.. Can't pick a venue!

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    I just did a quick google search. I think Four Oaks Manor is going to barely fit in to your budget but they'd probably work.

    Is there any way you can cut down on your number of guests? That's probably the best way to save a little bit. The Four Oaks website has a budget estimator that lets you plug in # of guests so you can see what the costs look like too.

    There's also this place but they don't give details on their website about cost and how many people they can fit.

    Just try searching for "wedding venues near Buford, GA" or use the tools on The Knot or Wedding Wire. It lets you define # of people, whether or not you need alcohol, cost, all sorts of things and it should help get you on the right track! Good luck, I hope you're able to book something for your desired date!

  • Thank you! Four Oaks is literally down the street from my house, so it feels weird having the wedding there when I could do it at my house lol (I have 5 acres of land). Bona Allen STILL hasn't responded to me, and I contacted them over a month ago...
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    @eabla4358 I think even though they are close, the benefits of having a venue vs. having it at home are so much better! Think about it, you don't have to worry about clean up, having enough bathrooms, people destroying your lawn, renting tables, chairs, linens, etc. I think that's what I really love about venues. They usually manage all of that for you, most of them will come with a day of coordinator, and when you're done with the wedding, you can just walk away! I know my H and I practically killed ourselves trying to get our house ready for guests before the wedding, and we were only hosting a few family members here so they'd have a place to stay. It was such a pain and so stressful to get ready for! I imagine getting your house ready to serve as your venue location would be a million times tougher.

  • Hey check out Berkeley Hills Country Club in Duluth. They gave me a quote for a 100 guest with 1 hour beer & wine, champagne toast for all guest a buffet with 2 entrees or plated with all the works etc. for $6000. I have attached the proposal & they have other selection of food but you will have to email their coordinator Angela Howard. They recently had an Open House please check out attached pics
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