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How to decide on wedding coordinator for destination wedding to Hawaii

My fiance are planning a destination wedding to Hawaii in the fall. We know that we will need someone on our side that can plan and have say in our place about our wedding. We need someone that can make travel arrangements, plan activities, and coordinate our wedding. We have read several reviews from different companies but aren't sure on how to pick. If anyone has some great advice on how they picked their wedding coordinator or other ways to plan our wedding, I'm all ears! Thanks ladies!

Re: How to decide on wedding coordinator for destination wedding to Hawaii

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    Are you getting married at a resort? If so, most resorts have onsite wedding coordinators.

    Also, resort wedding coordinators can assist in booking rooms, but cannot help with other travel arrangements, like flights and rental cars. I recommend you work with a travel agent to have assistance with all travel arrangements and let the wedding coordinator focus on wedding planning.

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  • Thank you. We are not ruling out getting married at a resort but right now it isn't what we are looking for. I just needed some advice on how to pick a trusted coordinator.
    I agree, a planner and a travel agent are probably the best way to go. Thanks again!
  • Which island are you getting married on?  Some people here might be able to give you recommendations.  For instance, we are getting married next month on Maui and our coordinator has been amazing!

  • We are looking at getting married on Oahu. We are interviewing many coordinators but don't know how to choose. How did you pick your coordinator? And pick your vendors? 
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    We didn't use a coordinator on Oahu, as we picked a hotel with a package that their hotel banquet coordinator took care of.  I'd start by looking for reviews and pick a few you want to check out.  From there, send out some e-mails with questions about important things for you.  See what responses you get and go from there.  Similar to other vendors, you'll find you connect with some people and that their responses to your questions let you know who you are wanting to work with.  

    Another suggestion is to do a search on the local Hawaii board.  It's pretty dead now, but you can search back through older posts to see who previous Knotties have used.  Many of us left reviews of our weddings which can give you some ideas too.  
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  • We chose our coordinator by looking through old DW and Hawaii boards, reviews online and by talking to a few and seeing which ones seemed to fit our needs.  The one we went with responds to emails quickly, I've never waited more than 2 days.  She gave us different options so we could be as involved as we wanted with our choices. I didn't want to be restricted to using "their" vendors.  We wanted to have a fair amount of involvement, so that was important to us.  She provided us with recommendations and we looked into them.  For example, we decided to go with a makup artist/ hair stylist that was among 5 she recommended.  But we didn't use any of her recommended musicians.  She didn't care either way.   
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