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Case of the Mondays


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  • speakeasy14speakeasy14 member
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    Probably going to be a post and run, because I officially started my new job today (and am loving it!)

    @500days & @TwoDimes  Hope you're feeling better soon!
    cu97tiger I love packing cubes! Have fun in Cancun! 
    GoldenPenguin that house looks like it will be a lot of fun for pretty wedding shenanigans!

    My new boss informed me that he is having my raise be prorated to January 1st.  So now I have extra money for the house.  

    Also, this weekend felt tropical after the negative temperatures.  I almost didn't put a coat on even though it was in the 30s.  I hope the temperature keeps going up and all this snow is melted away. 

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @cu097tiger @speakeasy14 What are packing cubes????

    @lavenderfields13 I'm sick of work today too. I feel like I've been dealing with this moron of a woman for months now and I just want her to give me a freaking break for awhile before I lose it with her.

  • labro THESE are packing cubes, and they are amazing for over packers. 
  • Yes @speakeasy14 - they are amazing! @labro - I usually pack them by 'occasion'. Workout clothes in one, work clothes in another, going out clothes in another. That way, I always know where to find stuff. I use one small one for toiletries, as well.

    They actually saved my stuff, once. I got to Vegas and there was a giant hole in my suitcase. Luckily, since I had the packing cube, there was nothing that got snagged or ripped besides the suitcase!
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  • I think I need some packing cubes!!!


  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @speakeasy14 @cu97tiger Those are amazing! I definitely could use some for socks and underwear!

  • @Ollie08 - UGH taxes.  I did mine earlier this month, and I am miserable.  I've never owed before, but this year I owe over $800...mostly to the state, because they penalize you for having more than one job (I have 4 part-time jobs).  Luckily one of those jobs gives me insurance, or I'd be dealing with the ACA penalty as well.

    @cu97tiger - What is this packing cube phenomenon?  How have I never heard of these?!

    Ugh, Monday.  It's snowy here today, and nobody in this state knows how to function in snow.  The school didn't close, so I made my commute and now am kind of expecting them to close before my class.  I'll be skipping ballet tonight--it's supposed to snow through the afternoon and evening, and I don't feel like driving back late at night on a little bitty 2-lane highway.

    This week is FULL of dissertation-writing, because I'm on deadline.  I wrote for about 4 hours last night, and  3 more this morning...and when I get home I'm going to try to squeeze in at least 5 more.  This chapter is supposed to be turned in on Friday, but I really need to turn it in on Thursday morning.  Mr. H deploys Saturday.  He told me not to drive over to send him off (he's flying out of where his parents live so he can leave his car with them, which is about 4 hours away), because he feels like it's to far for me to go when I'm on deadline, if.  I've worked it out with his son to drive over on Thursday and surprise him!  I'm super excited, because I can NEVER pull off surprises, so if I manage this one I'll be very happy.
  • @futuremrshistorian - see speakeasy's post with the link above. They are amazing (have I mentioned they are amazing?)

    Good luck with your dissertation. My friend rented a hotel room for a week so she could work on hers with no distractions.
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  • @cu97tiger - I have never in my life been so happy to live alone as I have been while I've been writing the dissertation.  Otherwise I'd be taking a page out of your friend's book and locking myself away in a cabin somewhere.
  • Lots done this weekend WR, but not a lot of checks.

    I finished our preliminary budgets for each of the 3 venues we'd been considering and we picked one!  Yay!  I'll hold off officially celebrating until tomorrow because the venue isn't open on Mondays for us to confirm & pay our deposit.

    FSD & MOH and I went shopping.  The only bridal salon that was open for the time we could go was booked so they had me try on prom dresses instead.  We've decided that sheath, a-line, and ballgown are just okay, but that a trumpet/mermaid/fit-n-flare would be fabulous.  Sweetheart necklines and cap sleeves also do well on me, sooo I made an offer to a seller that dress I'd previously posted.  I picked up a pair of floral print wedges at DSW on clearance for $10 that will go great with that dress & venue.  I also found a jewelry set at Charming Charlies that I think would fit with the "garden"y theme soooo probably going to end up picking it up and seeing how it all looks together.

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    speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    @labro - love the new sig picture!!

    @everybody who mention packing cubes - what an awesome idea, I think I might have to try them for my next vacation!!  Thanks for the tip!

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