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We booked our mini-moon!

Since I get 11 days of PTO, FI and I decided to do a couple of nights at a nice hotel after the wedding and then take our "big trip" next year.  We're going to do 2 nights in Newport after the wedding, at a beautiful hotel right on the water.  Newport is a 30-45 min ride from our wedding, so it won't be a long or tiring drive after our big day.  This will allow me to take the Wed-Fri off before our wedding, the entire week off after the wedding and still have a few days left over to take around Xmas.  We're planning to go to the Amalfi Coast of Italy for 10 days in May 2016.  Very excited!


What is everyone else doing for their HM?

Re: We booked our mini-moon!

  • That is super exciting!!  I can't decide if I'm more excited for the actual wedding day or the honeymoon.  We had the hardest time deciding where to go, but we decided to book a cruise out of New Orleans the day after our wedding.  It's a 7 day cruise which will take us to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras.  I cannot wait to go off the grid for a whole week and relax!
  • That's really cool! I haven't decided if we will go to Hawaii right after the wedding or shortly after. If we did shortly after we would probably do a mini moon too. Amalfi Coast is on my bucket list. That will be awesome!!!
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  • @fall2015bride Hawaii is gorgeous!  I am so excited for AC. 
  • We went back and forth between Costa Rica and Bali for a really long time. I think he's finally settled on Costa Rica, but I won't find out until we leave for it. He wanted to plan everything about the honeymoon himself and keep it a surprise.
  • @knottie82769902 that is awesome! What a great surprise that will be! Props to your FI for taking the lead!
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    We just booked our mini-moon too! A few years back we took a mini-vaca to Pigeon Forge, TN and loved it! We have decided to do a mini-moon for a few reasons:

    1) My FI and I are paying for everything, even the rehearsal dinner. 
    2) We get 2 honeymoons. lol. We will take our real honeymoon on our first anniversary.
    3) We got a steal of a deal at a resort & spa in Gatlinburg, TN and because it's our HM they upgraded us to a private cabin with extra amenities at no extra charge.
    4) We will get a chance to stay longer on our HM for half the price we would pay for a shorter stay elsewhere.

    Win, win!

    We haven't even thought of a mini-moon unltil this post so thanks for sharing :)

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