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So DH and I went out on Fri to celebrate our engageaversary.
A year ago, he proposed to me and it´s a day we cherish so much, we´ve decided to celebrate every year, as long with our marriage anniversary (Oct 8th).

Any of you celebrate your engageaversary?????

(here´s a pic of our night out)

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Re: Engageaversary?

  • That's really sweet. FI and I will probably do something special for our engageaversary. It's a month and a half before the wedding, so I'm thinking we'll probably need some stress-reliever time.
  • Yeap! It´s always nice to fins an excuse for some couple time!!
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  • Our first engageaversary is four days after our wedding... So hopefully we'll be on our honeymoon and celebrating anyway!
  • We shared a bottle of wine, made a nice dinner together and just talked for hours. It was an awesome night.
  • I found out that this anniversary is a bigger deal to my H than our wedding anniversary.  In October (1 year after the proposal) he surprised me with a lovely gift and dinner out at my favorite restaurant.  He says that that was the day he chose to live his life with me and the wedding just made it legal.  We've agreed to always celebrate our engagement anniversary. 
  • FI proposed on my B-day so we already celebrate that day, but I think it's great to celebrate your love as much as possible.
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  • I think that's great!
    Unfortunately I don't remember what date we got engaged on...  lol, I know it's terrible.  I remember the month though...
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  • We'll always do something for ours.  We got engaged on Valentine's Days.  However, we may not this Valentine's day.  It'll be our 1st engageaversary, but we will have just gotten back from a 7 night cruise.  So, I guess we can call the cruise our celebration :-)
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  • Our 1 year engageaversary by me "dressing up" if you get my drift and waiting for him to come home. We had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

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  • our wedding is happening 2 days before our one year engaversary. i think we are only going to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
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  • I think it's sweet!  We've decided to only really celebrate our dating anniversary (3/19) and our wedding anniversary (10/13).  That being said, I may do something special like cook his favorite dinner or something like that.

    I never thought of celebrating our "engageaversary", thanks for the idea!
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  • My FI got engraved on y engagement ring the date that we started "going steady."  He did this because I was actually the one to ask HIM to go steady!!  Of course he asked me to marry him BUT he got this engraved on my engagement ring because he said anytime I get upset I can look at the ring and the engraving and remember what I got MYSELF into.

    HAHA its kind of a cute joke between us because we couldn't be happier together. I think we will continue to celebrate the day we started going steady, our engagement anniversary, and go big on our wedding anniversay as they are all milestones in our relationship.
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  • Our engageaversary is my birthday and the day before our wedding anniversary so we celebrate it :P
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  • FI proposed on Valentine's Day so we celebrate every year. He's making me dinner this year, something other than his gourmet Digorno pizza!
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    [QUOTE]I think that's great! Unfortunately I don't remember what date we got engaged on...  lol, I know it's terrible.  I remember the month though...
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    I don't remember when we got engaged either, but we always celebrate on the day of our first date.
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    He proposed the 2nd anniversary of our first date (July 4). The national holiday makes it easy to remember and celebrate, and fireworks are always romantic!
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