Winter Wedding in Philadelphia

Wondering if any ladies in the Philadelphia, PA area know of any nice venues for a winter wedding? I'm imagining rustic, fireplace, romantic. Would appreciate any info! Thanks.

Re: Winter Wedding in Philadelphia

  • Aldie mansion is extremely romantic in the winter--fireplaces, library, beautiful bride's suite. Majestic trees covered in snow directly outside of the ballroom. I definitely recommend checking it out on party space!
  • What's your party size?  I LOVED the Valley Green Inn, but they couldn't accommodate the size of my party.  It was basically exactly what you described- hidden in the Wissahickon.  If you have over 125, though, it's difficult.

    If you're willing to go outside the city a little, the Tyler Arboretum seems like it would be a gorgeous place in the winter.  It's totally rustic and secluded, surrounded by trees :)
  • Thank you both!

    I think I may have to check out Aldie mansion! But just from looking at the pictures, I can't imagine it's in my price range.

    And right now we are at about 125.. We're trying to keep it small, but I actually see out guest list growing, unfortunately. So Valley Green might be out of the question.


  • came on here for a friend, but she's doing Knowlton Mansion in January.  From the pics it looks like it fits your description.
  • I'm not sure if Aldie Mansion would fit the rustic vibe, but it is gorgeous in the winter! I think their bistro menu starts around $101 per person, which is a little more than some other venues but not as scary as some of the other prices I've seen. A winter wedding should net you a break on their rental fee too.
  • I recommend Jeffrey Miller Catering.  If you go to they have a bunch of different  venues that are very quaint and intimate.  My wedding is being held at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia and I have been very happy with Jeffrey Miller's services thus far.  When it comes down to the fine details, I can tell that they are concerned just as much as my fiancé and I are about making everything perfect. 
  • We're doing Cairnwood. Usually, its rather pricey but their winter rates are discounted. They also come with the choice of 7 caterers, some of who are very budget friendly. I'm only in the planning stages but I've been very happy with how professional and helpful everyone is.
  • Have you used to search for venues? You can search by area, type of venue (ie rustic), size of wedding, etc.  It's got really specific search criteria which totally help with the planning process.  I also suggest the Philadelphia Racquet club.  It has a similar romantic/cozy atmosphere that you're describing but also plenty of space for dancing. Plus, if you book the afterparty with them in the club room downstairs it's the perfect place for a winter wedding!
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