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Vendor Reviews - My 2/13/2015 Wedding

Vendor Reviews:

Note: I put a ton of time and effort into finding each one of the people I worked with, going through and talking to lots of people before selecting someone and making sure all the prices were great. I’d say the only place I really gave in was the ceremony venue but I loved it so much and it was the one compromise I made. I fully recommend all my vendors for their great prices and great work on my wedding day!

Ceremony Venue: Villa at Park Lane

Melissa was a great help to me. She was easy to meet with even when I got delayed at work and missed our appointments. She worked wonderfully with my vendors and came in early to let the Pianist set up. We were able to negotiate 300$ off the price of 1200$ for a Ceremony Only Venue. It is a beautiful venue, an old ballroom feel with a great entranceway, grand steps and balconies and a sitting area in the main room and up a beautiful classic spiral staircase. It holds about 120 people which was a perfect intimate ceremony for me. She also made a lot of great recommendations during rehersals to make things run smoother and fill me and my dad (officiant) on how she’d recommend things go.


Reception Venue: Brennan’s Catering Center

Since I had a Friday in February Wedding I got some great discounts negotiated through Dina and Jason. The sapphire room (the one on their own) I think is perfect for like 150, even though they say for like 250. Underestimate your guaranteed number though because they’ll get you for a lot on that. The lighting is wonderful, lots of space, great clean bathrooms, wonderful service from all the staff. Everyone loved it.

Sapphire room has its own entrance, ramps and stairs and is a very classic room for a banquet center. Parking is free and there is a ton of it.


Engagement Photos: Cleveland Botanical Garden

It wasn’t the best experience, being that I had to pay them and they rushed me for my 1 hour of time in the Gardens and other people could still wonder through. The pictures were fun and great (did them in late September) but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to others.


Engagement Photos: Cleveland Public Library

If you love classic architecture then you’d love it. It’s free and we pretty much had the run of the place. I’d recommend going and picking out spots before hand but there are so many little places to take spots. No one tracks your time or cares when you come or go or bothered us at all. All you have to do is sign a form and you’re good. People apparently have weddings in there too, so that’s an idea. I loved it and would definitely recommend it for always unique and interesting pictures. Bonus, lots of cool benches where you can take pictures and rest your tired feet.


Photographer: White Sands Photography

Heather is definitely a certain type of personality and either you get along with her and have fun or it’s a little stressful. She can be very pushy and take lots of pictures and she really wants you to smile with your teeth, for my husband, it was hard and annoying to him but she does great pictures and fast turn around. She gives you a 50$ print credit but also all the photos with all the rights to print and use them how you want.


Florist: Fair Rarity Floral

Heather McCoy was great to work with. We only met twice but she’s wonderful. Very nice and easy to get along with. She does wedding flowers exclusively which meant unlike floral shops she wasn’t bogged down by valentine’s day and could focus and wasn’t stressed out. The flowers were beautiful and I shared a pinterest board of ideas with her and she worked them out beautifully. Everyone loved them. I didn’t give her specifics but that didn’t bother her, I trusted her to make it wonderful and she did. She met with me at a Panera near me and in two short meetings we got everything done.

She let me rent vases and we did a cool floating candle in a cylinder with surrounding votives and it was wonderful and so reasonably prices, no types of flowers were off-limit to her. She suggested ones that I loved and didn’t even know off. She knows her flowers and her weddings.


Hair: Lisa Wayman

Lisa was great, a gave her a couple photos of what I wanted and she went with it. I tried to grow my hair out and I was worried I wouldn’t have enough hair for the style but she made it work beautifully anyway. She charges based on the number of girls but will come to you and does a trial for 20$ at her shop in Norton, OH. She was so fast and efficient and worked all the girls’ hair into a theme while making them each unique and beautiful in their own way. Can do amazing things with short hair! Charges around 50$ for each person, more if less girls. No deposit needed.

Note: She’s doing less hair this year, as she just had a child so if you want her, make sure to give her a lot of warning.


Makeup: Innovations By Jen

Jen was great. Fast, efficient, and knows her makeup. Great quality makeup, friendly and adjusts for each person, and makes them comfortable in makeup, even if they never wear it. Everyone looked beautiful. She came to us, brought her own chair and lighting setup and did a free trial. She is also about 50$ a girl, more for the bride (because it includes trial). You have to do a deposit with her and contract.


My Life DJ Media Services: Jim

Our photographer Heather recommended Jim and she was right. Everyone loved him. Everyone was always dancing and he knew how to pick the perfect songs, one for the older people, the little kids, everybody. I’ve never had so much fun at a wedding and everyone said the same. When he says he reads the audience, he does, and amazingly. So glad to have him for the wedding. We only met once to cover the schedule and suggest and select a few songs and he went with it. He even was okay when I changed our father/daughter dance at the last minute and made the best man/ maid of honor comfortable for their speeches. Wonderful, can’t recommend him enough! Worth every dollar, and very reasonably prices for DJ Services. He even had some lights he brought with him. He’s great with kids too and runs the show making sure it runs on times and coordinating with photographers and vendors alike.


Colozza’s Bakery

Everyone loved the cake. When I imagined wedding cake, it was like that one. They take pictures and ideas and make it work for you. Their flavors are unique and different. I did a half yellow half chocolate with chocolate fudge between and everyone loved and complimented it. Very reasonably priced and easy to work with. They took some ribbon I had and my topper and incorporated it. I’d definitely recommend trying and doing a tasting with them, available on short notice too.


Alterations: Affordable Bridals

Can’t recommend her enough, Karen Lockwood. She sells wonderful inexpensive but high-quality veils and tiaras and shoes also which she collects on super-sales and sells them discounted to you. She hand-beaded my veil to match my necklace. She works hourly and she works fast. She did bustle, hem, and the veil beading for 80$. She works at home and it is tight but she definitely knows how to do wedding alterations. She’ll also clean and press your dress at the same rate and send it off for preservation and everything.


Pianist: Jessica Lieberth

Jessica is 150 for ceremony, 50 for practice. Wonderful pricing and totally worth it. The music was beautiful, she’ll bring her own piano and amplifier or use one there. We gave her two songs not on her list with a month and the day of the wedding she played the beautifully and perfectly like I imagined. Nothing is off limits for her. We used the Throne Room from Star Wars as our recessional and she played it beautifully and took cues perfectly and kept up with us.


David’s Bridal – Mayfield, OH

Everyone says bad things about David’s Bridal but I got a beautiful dress for 800$ on sale and I loved it and everyone loved it. They helped me out so much through picking them out and didn’t try too hard to push more things. Their alterations aren’t the best and super expensive, but for dresses, can’t beat the prices and good quality for the price.


Visit my blog site for details on how to contact any of the vendors I used:






Re: Vendor Reviews - My 2/13/2015 Wedding

  • Something I forgot to mention. Unlike a lot of cake vendors. Colozza's Offers free cake stands with a 75 deposit until you return it.
  • Love reading this!  I wish more brides did this and after seeing/reading this, once my wedding is over I will plan on doing the same.  I am very much interested in the person who did you hair and makeup.  not being from the area, moved to Lakewood over the summer, its hard finding people or knowing where to go.  The person I have been going to for my regular hair colorings I don't believe will be able to do my hair for my august wedding, which is very unfortunate.  and the original make up person I wanted is already booked as well.  I do have another make up person lined up but haven't sent in my contract or deposit.  do you have any pictures of your hair and make up that i could see if you don't mind?  feel free to private message me and thanks again for posting! 
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