The Hayloft - Hair Salon??

Hello! I'm getting married at The Hayloft in Rockwood, PA in May and am having some difficulties finding a reliable hair salon for me and my 8 bridesmaids. Since it's such a big group, some salons can't accommodate all of us. There also just aren't a lot of salons in the area. Originally I was going to go with AristaCuts, but I now see that they have some not so great reviews (styles not holding all night and falling out, bad experiences with trials, etc.). We are planning to stay at Seven Springs the night before the wedding, so anywhere in the Johnstown area is just too far to travel to and from the morning of the wedding. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Re: The Hayloft - Hair Salon??

  • I'm getting married at the Hayloft in July!! We are using Sheer Indulgence in Donegal. We are also staying in Donegal the night before.
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