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Chaplain at Civilian Wedding?

Hi brides! We are planning on marrying off-base at a local (civilian) venue. If my fiancé is stationed near the venue, can his chaplain perform the ceremony even if it isn't in a Naval Chapel?


Re: Chaplain at Civilian Wedding?

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    Can a Methodist minister perform a ceremony in a park or on the beach?  You're welcome.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong because I don't know all of the Protestant rules towards ceremony, but I believe Methodist ministers can perform the ceremony outdoors, whereas someone such as a Catholic priest would not without an exception from the diocese. So I am thinking that your answer in the form of a question means 'yes.'
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    Chaplains are governed by the rules of their faith. So if you want a Catholic chaplain to marry you in a parking lot, he'd have to get special dispensation to do so. But they're not chained to base worship centers.

    Keep in mind if the chaplain does it, he's taking personal time to do so. We couldn't find a chaplain who wasn't a complete mysogynist who would do it on a Saturday so we got a civilian. And I was married on military property.
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    You have to ask the Chaplain. Some will, some won't. We're getting married on a holiday, so we're trying to find a Chaplain in the area that will be able to since all the Justice of the Peace and the local judge aren't able to.
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